10 Neil Gaiman Books To Read After Watching The Series

Now after the long awaited Sandman The Netflix series has hit Netflix, and many fans may be wondering where to go next. Neil Gaiman is an absolute genius when it comes to the worlds of science fiction and fantasy, and to say his bibliography isn’t gill-filled with great stories worthy of both dreams and nightmares would be an understatement.

From comic books to fantasy novels to science fiction epics, Neil Gaiman has created many wonderful worlds for fans to dive into. Morpheus might be rewarded for dreaming, but even his head would spin if he could see the other universes the author had created.

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10 The hypnotic: the country of dreams

Seeing how the Netflix series basically covered the first two volumes of hypnotic A comedy series, it makes sense that viewers will want to catch up on the next chapter before the second season premieres. However, those expecting an epic fantasy saga like Season 1 might be a little confused at first, because dream country It is more than an anthology of other Sandman exploits.

The third volume of the series contains stories including Morpheus, his son, William Shakespeare, and the dreams of a clan of street cats. One thing many readers will understand is that Neil Gaiman has perfected an anthology, and this is just one good example.

9 The Sandman: Midnight Theatre

where dream country It was a continuation of the main Sandman story, Midnight Theater is a one-shot take of two Sandmen. A fact that many viewers of the series may not know is that Morpheus/Dream is actually a re-imagining of a character already in the DC universe, a vigilante wielding a gun filled with sleeping gas by the name of Wesley Dodds.

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This story takes place before the events of Introductions and calms It features Dodds appearing in Roderick Burgess’ mansion while the Dream Lord is imprisoned in his basement. A bit contradictory, but an odd read to say the least.

8 The ocean at the end of the path

When many people think of the cosmic horror genre, they are quick to evoke the work of H.P. Lovecraft, but Neil Gaiman’s contribution to the field is quite troubling, especially as it relates to the devious things that happen to children. It’s a strange blend of magic and sci-fi with wizards, aliens, and multidimensional beings that only the mighty Jaiman could dream of.

What begins as an upcoming story between a young boy and a mysterious magical family quickly turns sharply into a horror with some obvious Cronenberg and Lovecraftian influences. It’s a quick read, and it’s definitely the same weird flavor as hypnotic;

7 Neil Gaiman Eternal

While most may be more familiar with the MCU version of The Eternals, the studio definitely got some help from imagining Gaiman, especially with the Sprite. eternity is basically what would happen if the prolific author created the Justice League, and Sandman Fans will not be disappointed.

The Eternals are set during Marvel’s Civil War, and they arrive on the scene in all their ethereal glory as if they were straight out of Dreaming. Gaiman takes a huge influence from Jack Kirby’s work, yet holds on to the same legendary flavor seen in works like Sandman And the American Gods.

6 M is magic

When it comes to anthology books, M is magic Ho Neil Gaiman 101. Assembling different short stories is a challenge for literary genres, including some of the author’s best examples of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. In simple terms, it is one of the best introductions to the author’s work.

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Although it is only a small sample of what the author has to offer, readers will be treated to a selection of outstanding works. Such stories include “Don’t Ask Jack”, “The Price”, “Chancery” and an excerpt from Cemetery book. All entries are suitable for all ages but definitely have the same flavor that was seen in Sandman.

5 smoke and mirrors

If readers are satisfied with the previous title, smoke and mirrors Great stalker. It’s definitely more fantasy focused than it was in the previous book, but it definitely has a darker feature that fans of the Sandman series will instantly recognize. Besides familiar stories such as “The Price” and “Chivalry”, the book also contains items anchored in Gaiman’s bibliography such as “Nicholas Was…” and “We Can Get Them For You Wholesale”.

Perhaps the most notable entry in the anthology is Gaiman’s “Snow, Glass, Apple”, where the story ofSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs It is said from the evil queen’s point of view. Readers familiar with the work will know that this difference is not a Disney fairy tale.

4 good omen

It’s possible that if viewers have indulged in it The hypnotist, the good omen They’d be next if they didn’t devour it already. As for the series, the Amazon adaptation is surprisingly accurate in the books, but the partnership between Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett has resulted in one of the more comedic projects in the fantasy genre.

The series is well made, but a certain kind of humor is only present on the pages of the novel. Pratchett has always had a gift for sarcasm, and Gaiman is a master word maker who paints a vivid picture of the end of days with Crowley and Aziraphale in an effort to prevent it all from going to hell.

3 American Gods

Considered by many to be one of the greatest fantasy novels in the genre, American Gods is a slow-burning wild ride across America with a huge cast of gods and goddesses, lepers, elves, and everything in between. Although the series has a fan base, the novel is an entirely different animal altogether.

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After his wife is killed in a car accident, Shadow Moon is led by the mysterious Mr. Wednesday on an adventure of healing, self-discovery, and a battle against the new gods of the modern world. It’s truly a more emotional and magical story than fans think.

2 Coraline

If there’s one novel that Gaiman fans must read, it’s Coraline. Morpheus himself could not have imagined a better nightmare than the surprisingly dark children’s novel. Fans may be more familiar with the stop-motion adaptation than Henry Selick, but the novel is much darker and a stronger dose of nightmare fuel.

The book features another mother, more ferocious, frightening doll embellishments, and another tragically terrifying father waiting for Coraline on the other side of the hidden door. next to American Gods It is arguably one of the writer’s most famous works.

1 The Sandman: The Book of Dreams

Not a comic novel, but an anthology featuring contributions from Neil Gaiman and a host of other authors all on a journey into the dream world and beyond. Regarding not just the dream but all the endless and their adventures, the collection features a great sampling of the Sandman universe.

Until fans get their second season, they will simply have to either keep reading the comics or explore the expanded universe. Of course, there are probably a few fans who will find it problematic to explore more Gaiman legends.

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