12 upcoming romance books coming from september to december 2022

Keeping up with new releases isn’t easy, especially with romance books. There are a large number of subgenres, authors, and metaphors to keep track of.

So far in 2022, there have been a lot of ups and downs in the world of romance writers. However, there are still plenty of releases that should be on your radar. However, this will not be a complete list of all the upcoming romance book releases.

Instead, this will focus on romance books that are released between September and December with 3 issues appearing each month. While there will be plenty to choose from, these books are at the top of some of the most anticipated lists.

Without further ado, let’s not waste any more time because there are plenty of releases coming to get access to it, so let’s break it down.

These September romance books should be at TBR in the fall.

Cutting back to 3 romance books for September wasn’t easy, but it’s very likely that all of those books will be on your TBR in the fall. The first is actually a Christmas romance written by two beloved authors: Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone. Nice little fun meet It is a love story between an adult movie star and her childhood crush, an ex-boyfriend. Honestly, this sounds so lively and fun that it had to make the list because its release date is September 20th.

Next is Do you take this man Written by Dennis Williams, released September 6th. Dennis Williams’ books are always a lot of fun and have great acting in them. This character follows RJ, a character we met in previous books who frankly despises romance but eventually ends up becoming a wedding official and event planner because they have their own romance. RJ is an interesting character so it would be nice to see how Dennis Williams builds her romance with Lear.

Finally for September Vanessa Jared got a man by LaQuette. This book follows divorced Vanessa as she basically puts herself back out there until she ends up face to face with a man who wants her to talk to his sister who is dating her ex. This book looks like it’s going to be fun, dramatic and the perfect September read. This release is set for September 20th.

These October romance books are perfect for the upcoming cold weather.

The first release in October is the one many of us have been waiting for and this is it made mistakes by Meryl Willsner. This book is a sinister love story between a college student and her best friend’s mother. It looks like it’s going to be grumpy and fun while also having a strong romance plus it’s coming out on October 11th, so it’s the perfect book to enjoy.

This next book is universal kind of love by Samantha Young. This book follows a love story between an event planner and an astronaut who communicate in an unlikely way. Honestly, this book seems to have the potential to be incredibly fun and unique. This book is scheduled to be released on October 18th.

The last romance book for October is one I haven’t heard anyone talk about and this is it on the crowd by Adriana Herrera. This book follows a romance between a boss and an employee along with the reality TV aspect that was cast there. Honestly, this book is bound to be exciting and fun because Adriana Herrera’s books have always followed Domician characters and women with strong badass, so this book is bound to be another candid of hers. This release is set for October 11th.

This November romance should be on your list of early birthdays.

I would be remiss not to include Kennedy Ryan’s upcoming release on this list because she is the queen of strong romance books. especially, before I leave It is her romantic book about black love and marriage in trouble/second chance. Honestly, this book looks like it’s going to be full of anxiety and yet it’s also going to be an emotional story. This book is due out next November 15th, and frankly, this book isn’t anytime soon.

Another author moving from independent publishing to traditional publishing is Chloe Liese. her, Two mistakes make the right Set to be a re-imagining of Much Ado About Nothing it is a fake love story between Bea and Jamie. Honestly, Chloe Liese writes such a comprehensive and fun romance that you need to get her traditionally published novel on your radar. The release date for this one is November 22nd.

Last but not least, this month wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas book and Very fun bromance By Lisa Kay Adams Had to Cut. This is the fifth book in the series and is a second chance for Colton’s romance with a character we met previously. Given that this series hasn’t featured a holiday yet, this is the perfect book to help you get into the holiday spirit. Plus it’s slated to release on November 1st, so it’s perfect to get you into the Christmas mood.

December releases are sporadic but these three are noteworthy.

The first is actually a sequel and this travel well by Jane DeLuca. This series follows couples who meet either because of or during the Renaissance. This book follows Lulu and Dex, two characters we met earlier, and is a road trip romance that sounds a lot of fun. While this book has summer vibes, this series is fun year-round as it releases on December 6.

The following is actually the beginning of a new series written by Avery Flynn and this Witcha Gonna Do. Not surprisingly, this is a love story between two witches who end up teaming up with each other to try to help her family. Not only does this book have one of the best covers of the year, but it looks like it’s going to be some forced good around the corner. This book is scheduled to be released on the 6th of December.

Another book making the cut is Pinch of salt and pepper by Kosoko Jackson. This is a romance between two chefs and looks like it would be equal parts funny and steamy. At this point, this is his second romantic release of the year, so if you haven’t read Kosoko Jackson yet, this one might be for you.

In general, there are a lot of romance books released in the latter half of the year. We hope you were able to find something new to add to your TBR. Even if you are not, I would like to know some expected releases for the end of the year.

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