13 Canadian books for kids and teens to read this Halloween

Check out these spooky good books by Canadian authors, just in time for Halloween.

Raccoon’s Revenge is a book by Vivek Shraya, left, illustrated by Juliana Neufeld. (Matt Barnes, Owlkids, juliana-neufeld.com)

Revenge of the raccoon This is a fun-filled story about a raccoon who decides to take over the city. Featuring art inspired by classic horror movie posters, Revenge of the raccoon Make a statement about the human and animal dynamics that live in the big city.

Revenge of the raccoon For ages 4 to 8 years old.

Vivek Shraya is a Canadian artist and author who works in music, writing, and the visual arts. Her books include the novel Twitterlong article I’m afraid of men And a graphic novel death threat.

Juliana Neufeld is an artist and illustrator from Ontario.

listen | Vivek Shraya discussing her latest book, Revenge of the raccoon:

6:05Toronto raccoon reputation challenged in new book

Toronto’s pandas have developed a bad reputation. But Vivek Shraya stands in their defence. The artist, musician, and author makes her case in her new child’s book, “Revenge of the Raccoons.” I spoke with guest host Mangola Silfrajah.

Wee’s Book is a picture book by Jessica Boyd, left, drawn by Brooke Kerrigan. (Orca Book Publishing House)

A ghost named Wee Boo tries to be as scary as possible but people think she’s too cute. And when her attempts to chase after a kid make the kid laugh, WeBook learns that being an invisible friend might be the scariest trick ever.

A Wei Bo For ages 3 to 5 years.

Jessica Boyd is an Ontario-based writer, author, and blogger. Boyd reviews baby nicknames on her popular blog, Jess is reviewing a book.

Brooke Kerrigan is a Toronto-born artist and illustrator who splits her time between Ontario and France. Her artwork has appeared in Canadian comic books such as plan popswho was a finalist for the 2020 Blue Spruce Award.

Haunted Canada 11 is a book by Joel A. Sutherland. (Canada Study School)

The latest installment of the popular Haunted Canada series features even more goosebumps, excitement, and things to collide with at night. Set in real locations across Canada, this ghost story collection makes for a scary reading for middle graders.

Populated Canada 11 For ages 9 to 11 years old.

Joel A. Sutherland is a writer of Ontario, short stories, thriller novels, horror and fantasy, anthologies and children’s books. includes his work Populated Canada 10 And the Haunted: The house next door.

A House Unsettled is a book by Trynne Delaney. (Vian Dang, Anik Press)

unstable house is a YA novel about a creepy old house and the secrets inside. When Asha moves to her old aunt’s house in the country in search of a fresh start, she is immediately drawn to her neighbor Cole. Excited by this association, her optimism is quickly overshadowed by strange events occurring inside the house. From footsteps in the halls to the coldness of her hands around her neck at night, Asha fears for her safety and searches for the source of these terrifying incidents, only to unravel the secrets of the past that link her to the Cole family.

unstable house For ages 14 and over.

Trane Delaney is a writer based in Montreal. They are also the authors of the novel half drowned. unstable house It is their first novel.

Devil’s Music is a YA novel written by Nathan Page and Drew Shannon. (Knopf Books for Young Readers, Mike Pereira)

The second book in the YA Montague Twins series of novels featuring detectives, magicians, and rock ‘n’ roll. Teenage magical detectives Alistair, Pete, Charlie and Rachel are also members of a local rock band. When famous rock star ‘Gideon’ ventures into their seaside town of Port Howell, a magical mystery ensues as well. Devil’s music It is a story about magical music and hypnotic spells and how the Montague twins must solve a mystery before all is lost.

Devil’s music For ages 12 years and over.

Nathan Page is a writer based in Ontario.

Drew Shannon is a Toronto-based painter and was born in London, Ont.

Aggie Morton, The Mysterious Queen: Corpse of the Sea is a book by Marthe Jocelyn, left, with illustrations by Isabel Vollath, right. (tundra books)

sea ​​corpse It is the third book in the Aggie Morton series, Mystery Queen. sea ​​corpse Our daring young detectives include Agee and Hector finding a dead body on the beach. When a team of paleontologists excavate fossilized bones of an ichthyosaur from the sea by Lyme Regis, Aggie and Hector work to unravel the mystery of that coastal corpse.

sea ​​corpse For ages 10 years and over.

Marthy Joslin is the author of more than 20 books, including hidden enemyAnd the myfly The Agee Morton series of middle grade books.

Isabelle Vollath is a Swiss artist and illustrator.

Heartbreak Homes is a book by Jo Treggiari. (nimbus publishing)

Hasret homes It is a YA novel about a murder and the three teens who team up to try to solve it. Frankie isn’t in the party scene, but she’d do anything for her best friend, Jessa, who’s been hanging out with the famous kids and vying for Malcolm’s attention. Martin, on the other hand, hasn’t heard from his friends after his family moved across town when his father lost everything while Kara and her crew were stealing for their own survival. When Malcolm throws a huge party at his father’s abandoned property, a lifeless body is found and Frankie, Martin and Kara must make new connections to unravel a killer mask.

Hasret homes For ages 12 years and over.

Joe Tregare was born in London, England and raised in Canada. She is the author of YA novels blood will, ashes, ashes And the Gray Sisterswho was a finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award and was nominated for an Arthur Ellis Award.

Ghostlight is a mid-range book by Kenneth Oppel. (Boffin Canada)

in the novel ghost, a teenager named Gaby enjoys his summer job doing ghost tours on the island of Toronto. He loves to tell the story of Rebecca Strand, a teenager who died after falling from the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse in 1839. But when he encounters Rebecca’s ghost, he learns that her death may not have been a coincidence. Gabe tries to solve the mystery but along the way he encounters more ghosts, some not quite as friendly as Rebecca.

ghost For ages 9 to 12 years old.

Kenneth Opel is a bestselling author whose books include the Silverwing Trilogy, which has sold over a million copies worldwide, and AirborneAnd the Which won the Governor General’s Award for Children’s Literature – Text. Include his most recent books InclingAnd the Everything is hidden And the the nest.

listen | Kenneth Opel takes Proust’s questionnaire:

next chapter5:22Kenneth Opel answers Proust’s questionnaire

Celebrity children’s book author Kenneth Opel talks about his favorite books, his deepest regrets, and more.

The Witch’s Apprentice is a book by Zetta Elliott, right, drawn by Cherise Harris, not illustrated. (Random House Books for Young Readers)

The latest book in the Dragon’s Bag series is witch apprentice. The middle-class novel continues the adventures of Jaxon who faces new challenges and secrets now that baby dragons have returned to the magical world. Not only was the summer strangely cold, but sleeping sickness spread throughout the city. It’s up to Jax to help his friends and solve the magical puzzle.

witch apprentice For ages 8 to 12 years old.

Zita Elliott is a Canadian children’s writer and poet now based in the United States. Includes her Dragon Bag book series dragons in a bag And the dragon thief.

Sherry Harris is an artist living in Barbados. She enjoys creating narratives from her work, making sculptures and building dolls.

listen | Zeta Elliott discusses her book, witch apprentice:

18:26Zeta Elliot on the Witch’s Apprentice

Zetta Elliott talks to Shelagh Rogers about the latest release from Dragons in a Bag, The Witch’s Apprentice.

The Great Outer Darkness is a book by David Neale Lee. (Poplar Press, Maureen Cochrane)

Great Outer Darkness It is a YA fantasy novel. Nate Silva travels across the galaxy only to return to his home in Hamilton to find she is in the grip of a monstrous trio. The Church of the Resurrection of the Ancient Gods is back and the city is full of invasive types of witchcraft rituals in the church. For the safety of everyone he loves, Nate teams up with his friend H.P. Lovecraft and hijacks a charming antique airship on one last voyage to free Earth once and for all.

Great Outer Darkness For ages 12 years and over.

David Neal Lee is a writer and musician from British Columbia, living in Hamilton, Ont. he is an author Commander ZeroAnd the The Battle of the Five Spot: Ornette Coleman and New York Jazz Field young people’s stories, midnight games And the Medusa Deep.

Night Lunch is a book by Eric Van, illustrated by Dina Severling. (Tundra Books, Billy Metz Photography)

night lunch It is a picture book set in a Victorian town at night under the watchful eye of a hungry night owl. As the animals and people go out to eat under the midnight sky, the mouse gets anxious. Owl spotted mouse… Will he be next on the list?

night lunch For ages 4 to 8 years old.

Eric Van is a frequent writer and collaborator with Brother Terry Van on children’s books. Their books include night gardener And the The ocean meets the sky. They are also evident darkest darkness by astronaut and author Chris Hadfield.

Dina Severling is a Canadian children’s book illustrator and poetry artist based in Calgary.

A Venom Dark and Sweet is a book by Jodi I Lane. (Feiuel & Friends, Aaron Perkins)

in Dark and sweet poisonIn the conclusion of the Deutogia Book of Tea, a great evil came to the kingdom of Dakshi and the exiled prince seized control. Ning, a young but powerful young woman – a magician using the ancient art of tea making – along with Ning’s sister, Princess Zen and her bodyguard, Rui, travel across the kingdom in search of allies to help restore Zen’s right. throne.

Dark and sweet poison For ages 13 and up.

Jodi Ai Lin was born in Taiwan and immigrated to Canada with her family at a young age. Magic drenched in poison It is the first book in the Duhoj Tea Book.

listen | Jodi I. Lynn on the first book in The Tea Duo Book:

next chapter1:56Jodi Ai Lin on poison-drenched magic

Jodi I Lin on what inspired the movie A Magic Steeped in Poison.

Murder at the Hotel Hopeless is a book by John Leckish. (Orca Book Publishing House)

In the novel Ya A hopeless hotel murderCharlie Hope helps his mother run the family hotel, where nothing usually happens. But when Mr. Ignato, an elderly resident of the hotel, dies after falling from the stairs, Charlie suspects a dirty game. Nobody believes him except for Penny Price, a spoiled child actress who stays at the hotel. The two teams work together to solve the murder and stumble into Mr. Ignato’s criminal past.

A hopeless hotel murder For ages 12 years and over.

John Leckish is a Vancouver journalist and author whose work has appeared in the Hollywood Reporter, the Los Angeles Times, and the Globe and Mail. He is also the author of several YA novels, including Snowflake Falls prisonerAnd the King of the lost And the losers clubwhich was a 2002 finalist for the Governor General’s Award for Children’s Literature – Text.

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