2022 We Energies Cookie Book Celebrates Hometown Favorites, Available in Racine and Online November 1

The holiday season is upon us. Soon greeting cards will be in the mail, socks will be hung, and cookies will be in the oven.

For a quick kick-start in your holiday baking, copies of the 2022 We Energies Cookie book will be available for pickup at the Racine and Kenosha border, and online November 1. The books are free for customers at WE Energys.

“At the beginning of 2022, we asked our customers to submit recipes to be considered in this year’s book, along with stories about their hometowns, and what makes them so special. We have received over 300 requests from our customers. We reduced that to 38 recipes in this book. year,” says Amy Gans, Media Relations at WE energies.

Southeast Wisconsin is making its mark and is in the spotlight this year. The cookie book features three recipes from Racine County and two from Kenosha County.

“This area is very well represented,” Gans says.

Especially Rasin

In this version you will find “Grandma’s Scottish Shortbread” presented by Jennifer Schwartz. The local in Racine served the holiday cookie on behalf of her mother, who is highlighting it. It’s the first year the family has submitted and was chosen to be in the book. It is a surprise waiting to be revealed to her mother.

Grandma’s Scotch Cake recipe comes from Jennifer Schwartz, of Racine, and is featured in this year’s We Energies Cookie Book. – attributed to him: We are the energies

“Since the recipe has been in my family for at least 4 generations, it’s special to me. It’s been a mainstay at every Christmas holiday, but is also enjoyed at other family occasions like weddings.

Schwartz’s cookie recipe came from her great-grandmother who immigrated from Scotland. After that I settled in the Racine region. She brought with her a tried-and-true shortbread recipe.

The recipe has been passed down through generations. At 95, Schwartz’s mother continues to bake the much-loved holiday candy, along with making cookies out of the cookie books of years past. She even shared the recipe with her children and grandchildren.

“My mom’s Scottish heritage is very important to her and this recipe, being Scottish, is part of that. I hope that years from now family members will continue this tradition and be remembered,” says Jennifer.

Not only will family members enjoy this treat year after year, but families across the state can indulge in the sweetness of shortbread.

“It’s really tied to tradition and this is not…a unique story for Jennifer and her mother. It’s something we hear from our clients all the time that this has become a tradition for their families,” expresses Jans.

Imitation cookie book

This year’s Cookie Book continues a tradition that began 94 years ago. The Cookie Book was originally started as a way to promote electrical appliances in 1928.

“WE Energies had showrooms in our downtown Milwaukee office where we would display electrical appliances, like ovens, and we would have the company’s home economists, who would bake cookies in these new electric ovens and show that to the public. And from there, a book of cookies was born. Just link,” says a WE Energes representative.

Now, these cookie books are distributed and used by Wisconsinans in kitchens across the state, bringing families together.

In 2021, We Energies distributed cookie books to more than 215,000 customers. Now, Wisconsins have a chance to get their own copy of this year’s cookie book before the holidays begin.

Distribution begins November 1 for the 2022 We Energies Cookie. attributed to him: We are the energies

“What’s really cool about this year’s cookie book, and every year, when we try to put this together is we try to make sure this cookie book is for home bakers. You know, there’s not a lot of ingredients, it’s not too hard, Something for everyone to try and we have a really cool variety from the basic sugar cookie cutter cookie, to the spicy Mexican cookie, which is the potato chip cookie; you know there’s really something for everyone,” says Jan.

blast from the past

While collecting a cookie book from year to year is a tradition for some, We Energies Cookie books are also available for download online. Copies of this book have been available since 1932.

pick up your book

Cookie books will be available for pick-up at the We Energies location at 201 1st St. In Racine from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. starting November 1st.

Not in Racine? Check the cookie book distribution schedule for 2022. Please note that dates and times are subject to change, and inclement weather may postpone events.

Order by phone

2022 We Energies Cookie Books can be ordered by calling 800-242-9137. When connected, press “5” to order your cookie book. Callers need to provide their account number and address. This option is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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