2023-2024 Texas Bluebonnet Prize Main List Released

The Texas Library Association (TLA) 2023-2024 Master List has been announced for the Texas Bluebonnet (TBA) Prize at the Texas Book Festival in Austin on Saturday, November 5, 2023.

As usual, students in grades 3 through 6 from all over Texas revealed the books on the list.

The Texas Bluebonnet Home Awards are among the most distinguished children’s literature lists in the country.

TBA Coordinator Jackie Bridges-Shepherd said, “This prestigious list consists of titles from creative, talented, and diverse authors. The titles on the list provide students in grades three through six with high-quality fiction and non-fiction literature to read for pleasure.”

The TBA Selection Committee considered a whopping 1,018 books for this year’s master list.

“Titles were chosen that allow the books to function as windows into reality and imaginary worlds while providing insight into someone else’s experiences; and mirrors that reflect the reader’s life or culture as they construct their identity. This literature also takes students’ interests into account and provides positive reviews for parents, teachers, and librarians,” he said. Bridges-Shepherd.

The primary goals of the TBA List are to introduce children to a variety of high-quality books, develop critical reading skills, and honor and encourage authors. To compose the list, the committee selected five distinct books of various genres for grades 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Each year, more than 75,000 third through sixth grade students from across Texas vote for their preferred title from the Master’s List. “Read 5, then decide” is a mantra known to school librarians, public librarians, and homeschooled parents across the state. The winner of the TBA award will be announced in the spring.

Bridges-Sheppard thanked the hard-working committee members, for volunteering their time. “To the members of the Selection Committee, I thank you for completing all the reading you did to create this list. I appreciate your critical thinking and your thoughtful and insightful comments and conversations. I appreciate you stepping in to complete everything that was asked of you. But most of all, I appreciate each of you for your dedication and time. It took me to carefully select the books for this year’s master list.”

To the members of the Program Committee (who develop resources that teachers and librarians use alongside TBA books), thank you for completing all of your assignments in a prompt time frame. Your hard work is always comprehensive and valuable. To both committees, thank you for what you do for librarians and Texas students “.

Below is the list in alphabetical order by title:

  1. Black Boy Joy Edited by Kwame Mbalia (Delacorte Press, imprint of Penguin Random House)
  2. blue by Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond. Illustrated by Daniel Minter (Alfred A. Knopf, imprint from Penguin Random House)
  3. Gladys the Magic Chicken by Adam Rubin. Illustrated by Adam Rex (sons of GP Putnam, imprint from Penguin Random House Publishers)
  4. Haven: A Big Little Cat Adventure By Megan Wagner Lloyd (Candlewick Press)
  5. Ann indelible by Megan B Brown. Illustrated by Carlynn Whitt (Random House Studio, imprint of Penguin Random House)
  6. invisible by Cristina Diaz-Gonzalez. Illustrated by Gabriella Epstein (Graphix, Scholastic imprint)
  7. Leave it to Plum! By Matt Phelan (Greenwillo Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishing)
  8. Once by Stuart Gibbs. Illustrated by Stacy Curtis (Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers)
  9. Solymar: Sword of Kings Written by Pam Muñoz Ryan (Disney Hyperion)
  10. Tales to keep you up at night by Dan Bobocki. Illustrated by Marie Bergeron (Penguin Workshop, an imprint of The Random Penguin House)
  11. Beatrice’s prophecyy by Kate DiCamillo. Illustrated by Sophie Blackall (Candlewick Press)
  12. The Book of Dirt: Poems About the Animals That Live Beneath Our Feet by David L. Harrison. Illustrated by Kate Cosgrove (Holiday Home)
  13. The first cat in space ate pizza by Mac Barnett. Illustrated by Sean Harris (Catherine Teigen Books, imprint from HarperCollins Publishing)
  14. The last beekeeper by Pablo Cartaya. Illustrated by C. Vélez Aguilera (Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
  15. Latest Map Maker By Kristina Sontornavat (Candlewick Press)
  16. The legend of gravity By Charlie Palmer (Farrar Straus Giroux, imprint of Macmillan publisher)
  17. marvelers by Dhonielle Clayton (Henry Holt and Company, imprint from Macmillan Publishers)
  18. The Poulter-Jost problem by Betsy Uhrig (Margaret K. McElderry books, imprint by Simon & Schuster BYR)
  19. thirst By Varsha Bajaj (Nancy Poulsen Books, imprint from Penguin Random House)
  20. Unbound: The Life + Art of Judith Scott Written by Joyce Scott with Brie Spangler, and drawn by Melissa Sweet (Alfred A. Knopf, imprint of Random Penguin House)

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