21 of the most anticipated YA novels of 2022 are coming this summer and fall

A lot of young people’s novels are about finding something – whether it’s finding a voice, finding a family, or finding a killer. When writer Jennifer Lynn Barnes was writing the final book in the Inheritance Games trilogy (Final maneuverwhich will be released on August 30), she learned that her hero has a chance to inherit a billion dollars, according to the premise of the opening book.

But she loved helping Avery Kylie Gramps, her strong but caring leader, discover her chosen one. “I think I’m drawn to writing stories about belonging and family,” Barnes says. “I start with someone who begins aloof in many ways. They don’t have that place and those people feel they belong to. I like to give them that. I find their place and their people.”

Of course, Avery also gets a 40,000-square-foot mansion and the four exceptional Hawthorne brothers, who alternately make life more joyful and frustrating for her throughout the series.

Barnes says not much has changed about the plot maneuver From planning it to writing it. “The easiest part of it was definitely the plot, specifically the puzzle sequence and the way it fits into the overall puzzle,” she says. “I knew so much of what was going to happen for so long that actually writing it was an incredible rush. I knew what all the riddles, all that mattered had to be from previous books. I had a picture in my head, and I got everything I’d known for years on the page” . This included Avery’s choice between her two Hawthorne Ying and Yang, Jameson and Grayson.

Barnes will miss writing about all the characters. “One of the dominant sentimental sentiments is seeing her become one of them in the third book. Her character is more and more connected to other people too. More than any other series, when I was writing interactions between two characters, they felt so familiar to me.”

Writer Karen M. McManus also has a very much awaited book coming out in August. nothing more to sayalso released August 30, follows a high school journalist back to the town where she grew up five years later—and begins researching an unsolved local murder after he gets an internship with a hot true crime show.

McManus, who wrote the hugely popular YA novel one of us is lyingsays she’s always wanted to write a book about a beloved teacher, like Julian Moreau, the professor at Donna Tartt. Secret HistoryOne of my favorite McManus books. The teacher became a murder victim in Tells. “I love the idea of ​​this adorable teacher, whose students see them as the perfect, the perfect teacher, but you fall back on that, which isn’t quite right,” she says. “You know, we are all flawed, including our beloved teachers. So this was always in the back of my mind that I would somehow find out about a teacher’s relationship like that.”

Fans of the five previous McManus novels are waiting for this one. “At this point, this is my sixth book, so it’s allowed me to farm Easter eggs for all of my other books because they are all potential cases of the show in which the main character is working,” McManus says.

maneuver Already listed as a bestseller, McManus’ latest release won’t be long in coming –He liesAfter all, he spent more than 230 weeks in the New York Times
The New York Times
YA list. Here are 19 more books (some high-profile, some under the radar) to keep an eye out for, being released in the second half of this year.


feeling down in Love by Mason Deaver

Dever (I wish you all the best) masterfully tackles transphobia while weaving some of the best romantic metaphors into a story about a wedding and an unexpected date.

Honey by Ryan La Sala

Mars, a gendered teen, overcomes the devastating death of twin sister Caroline by falling for her adorable and troubled group of friends, Honeys.


foul lady of fortune by Chloe Gong

Gong became a sensation by writing a bestseller These violent delights its complement, Our violent endings, while still at UPenn. dating with luckAbout spies who look into a murder that took place in Shanghai in the 1930s.

blood weight by Tiffany D. Jackson

One of the best YA writers of our time, Jackson has a knack for balancing subject matter and entertainment, on a prominent screen in the the bloodwhich combines the suspense and anxiety of teens to address issues such as pass-through and racism.

very deep secrets by Jenny Myers Sin

In this mystery, Avril tries to unravel what happened 12 years ago, when her mother died.


descendant by Josephine Angelini

Introduction to popularity Starcrossed A trilogy finds Daphne, daughter of Zeus, fighting for her life in New York City in 1993.

The first to die in the end by Adam Silvera

Highly expected prequel for They both die in the end He explores another pair who enters the DeathCast and falls in love that seems doomed to fail.

I was born for this by Alice Osman

Is there a more in-demand YA author now than Oseman? to her Heartstuber It’s a hit on Netflix
And then highly anticipated Nick and Charlie The book is due in January. In the meantime, she has this novel about a boy band, a young Muslim fan and trans band manager.

light scatter by Malinda Low

Lo continues to chronicle strange tales of age while also touching on characters from her success Last night at the telegraph club.

Love from Mecca to Medina by SK Ali

Adam and Zainab return in the sequel to Ali’s cheerful characters Love from A to Z.

Everyone hates Kelsey Miller by Meredith Ireland

An Enemies for Something More book from Ireland, which everyone should also follow on Twitter—she brings the same insightful, warm humor to the socialite as she does in her books.


Reader, you killed him by Betsy Cornwell

As if the title alone wasn’t a reason to buy it, the description sounds good too. One of a number of recent YA stories centered on revenge, reader It follows the vigil of a teenage girl who practices justice against the ill-intentioned suitors of her friends.

bloody by Tracy Dion

The second book in the cycle of legend, bloody Brie finds a fugitive to try to save Nick. Deonn excels at building the world, and her brilliant vision will captivate readers.

bleaching Written by Donnell Clayton, Tiffany D. Jackson, Nick Stone, Angie Thomas, Ashley Woodfolk, Nicola Yeon

The famous Blackout authors return for a series of interconnected stories about the love of black teens, this time set at Christmastime in surprisingly snow-capped Atlanta.

Margot Meretz to win By Carrie McCrossen and Ian McQuethi

Margot Meretz drops it It was one of the most hilarious books of the past year, with a serious message under much criticism. The clever sequel follows Margot on a new and different cleaning mission.

We will never get back together by Sophie Gonzalez

from author Just mostly destructive Comes a story about two girls who were cheated by the same boy. They appear on a reality show, where sparks fly between them.


million for one by Adiba Jaigirdar

Set on the Titanic, Jaigirdar follows a young thief who teams up with other girls to accomplish the final heist.

scorched earth by Daniel L. Jensen

The Dark Shores series concludes after four books.

nine liars by Maureen Johnson

True crime detective and budding detective with a growing reputation, Stevie Bell travels abroad to see her boyfriend David (the long distance is tough) and, of course, falls into a transatlantic obscurity in the fifth of the Johnson series.


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