3 Legged Thing Punks Corey 2.0 review

The 3 Legged Thing Punks Corey 2.0 goes its own way, deviating from the usual options of aluminum and carbon fiber, and instead being built from aerospace-grade magnesium alloy. It’s a good choice, because this type of metal is very lightweight, very strong, and tough. The leg assembly can be purchased on its own, but the complete tripod kit is the more sensible purchase, as it includes the accompanying Airhed Neo 2.0 ball head that fits perfectly and enhances the overall design.

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The Corey 2.0 is the smallest and most travel-friendly of the four “Punks” tripods currently offered by British manufacturer 3 Legged Thing. The Travis 2.0 and Billy 2.0 are slightly larger, built from magnesium alloy and carbon fiber respectively, while the Brian 2.0 (Opens in a new tab) It extends to a maximum operating height greater than these two while folding away smaller, thanks to more sections on each leg and center column.

Complete kit includes Corey 2.0 legs, Airhed Neo 2.0 ball head, high quality padded carrying case, shoulder strap, and Toolz with locking carabiner. (Image credit: 3 Legged Thing)

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