9 books like a bear

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Last month, the internet exploded with people talking about the FX series The bear, an eight-episode drama that airs on Hulu. If you somehow missed it, the series follows Carmen Berzato (Jeremy Allen White), a CIA-trained chef (that’s the culinary institute, not the other CIA) who leaves his upscale New York restaurant to return to his home in Chicago and runs a hot beef sandwich left common to him when his older brother Michael committed suicide. With the help of new employee Sidney (Ayo Ideberry) and handicapped “cousin” (actually Michael’s best friend) Richie (Ebon Moss Bachrush), he simplifies the kitchen into a semi-smooth work environment.

The series has been renewed for a second season, but writing the scripts, filming and editing episodes, etc. seems to take a long time, and I’m not an impatient person. Assuming you’re not, I’ve compiled a list of books that will appeal to fans The bearFrom chef memoirs and stories about Chicago to fairy tales about family, food and more.

There is something for everyone (I wish!) in these nine books like The bear.

Books like a bear to read now

Anthony Bourdain’s Secret Kitchen

After we watched the first episode of The bearmy husband and I (who worked together in kitchens) turned to each other and said, “This is the show they should have made when they made kitchen secret. A precursor to famous chefs’ memoirs, this book was an introduction for many readers to the idea that restaurant kitchens are a totally wild environment. The TV series based on this book was fun, but it doesn’t capture nearly zero which makes the book a good read. Read this if I wanted The bearEspecially if you find yourself inexplicably drawn to Ritchie.

Notes from a Young Black Chef: A Memoir Book Cover by Kwame Anwashi

Notes from the Young Black Chef by Kwame Anwashi

Reflecting real life, most of the kitchen staff in The bear He is black or Latino or both. Onwuachi’s memoir covers his life from a teenage drug dealer to a caterer top chefand examines how unwelcoming the food world is to a black chef (while in most kitchens there is at least one black worker, they are rarely at the top of the chain). Read this if Sydney is your favourite. There is also YA conditioning.

Yes, Chef Marcus Samuelson's book cover

Yes, Chef Marcus Samuelson

Another memoir from a black chef, this note explores the family in a unique way, as Samuelsson is orphaned in Ethiopia and adopted in Sweden. He begins by talking about his mother and how they shaped his love for food.

Chicago Stories by Richard Kronberg Cover

Chicago Stories and Other Ideas from a Working Class Man by Richard Kronborg

This book mixes poetry and prose to tell stories about Chicago as only a “working-class man” can. Kronberg is an artist who has worked in many jobs including 33 years as a heavy machinery operator and a member of the Federation of Operational Engineers. Now that he’s retired, his stories show most of the characters in Chicago The bear will realize.

Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds Cover

Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

My favorite episode in The bear (Episode 7, “Review”) It takes place in real time, and shows a terrible day at The Beef unfold and tensions rise. It is difficult for writers to view events in real time, as reading speeds vary, but this novel in poetry is very close. The topic is very different – Will is going to kill the guy who killed his brother Sean, and the novel spins on his elevator there – but the tension is there and then some.

Luck of the Lot with Kate Claiborne Cover

Lucky Draw by Kate Claiborne

recurring attribute in . format The bear It is Michael’s addiction and death and the way it affects Carmen, Richie, and Carmen’s sister Natalie (“Drunk”), who begs her living brother to go to Al Anon. in lucky lotteryAddiction kills Aiden’s brother and he has to face his long-running resentment when ex-lawyer Zoe, who represented the drug company in the family’s lawsuit, comes to relieve her guilt. Also there is fake dating, so sign up!

Chinese Restaurant Number One Lilian Li cover photo

Chinese Restaurant Number One Lilian Li

Family restaurant. An unexpected and violent death. A chef can work for a remote fancier institution. And in this case, a puzzle. This time a Chinese restaurant and the death of a father, but the dynamics of the brotherhood and the environment of the restaurant are very similar to those in The bear.

Shattered by Mia Hopkins Cover

Smashed by Mia Hopkins

Formerly imprisoned Eddie wants to break out of his old gang, but first he has to find his father and uncover some family truths. And while he’s at it, he wants to prove himself to Carmen, the chef at the Italian restaurant where he washes the dishes, who he might really believe in. Although the place is Los Angeles, this is very similar to a story that could exist The bear (If she likes to be more attractive on the surface).

Cover of the movie With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo

With The Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo

Some chefs come to the food by chance. Some pursue a career because they are good at it. Some people live and breathe food, and that is Emoni. A teenage mother who lives with Abuela, she dreams of being a chef but is focused on attending high school. Then she wins a place in a cooking elective, and suddenly she has chances. This is a beautiful and poetic novel about a young woman who knows who will realize an important part of herself.

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