A ADOPTION FAIRYTALE celebrates the magic of adoption and diversity

Adam Swain Ferguson, founder of Purple Fox Entertainment, is a creative producer and author. The release of his new book, Love Without Wings: The Fictional Story of Adoption (ISBN: 979-8986768014), is inspired by a true story – his own – and celebrates the diverse families completed through adoption.

It is scheduled to be released during National Adoption Month (November) on November 19, National Adoption Day, and is available for pre-order on the Purple Fox Entertainment website here: https://purplefoxentertainment.com/product/love-without-wings/

While “Love Without Wings” was written for children, it’s also the perfect reading for adoption agency employees, counselors, and teachers looking for a positive learning tool.

After two years of waiting and wishing, the author and his wife nearly gave up hope of adoption. But then it happened. They have received a call that will change their lives forever. They were chosen by the woman who would be the biological mother of her son to adopt her infant.

Since the day their son, Taran, was born, Ferguson has devised a fairytale-style bedtime story that tells a magical story of how their family came to be. He soon realized that this story had the potential to transcend nursery walls. So, he set to work.

The story of the book revolves around two kings who embark on a magical mission to become parents; They have a meteor as their guide. At the end of a shimmering trail, their grandest wish is finally fulfilled after a miraculous encounter with a fairy. Coincidentally, she would have wished for the same star, but her desire was to find the perfect family for the very special baby growing in her tummy.

“As an adoptive father, I wrote ‘Love Without Wings’ with the hope that it would encourage children to feel proud of the magic they bring into their families’ lives,” Ferguson says.

Since becoming a father, Ferguson says he’s had a hard time finding books that come close to adoption from the creative storytelling side of things. He found that most focus on mechanics and process. And he is not alone. So far, many have had the opportunity to preview the book and agree that it casts a refreshing look at adoption.

Says Amanda K. , Director at LifeLong Adoption, “As an adoptive parent facilitator who works alongside prospective adoptive parents, I appreciate that this book provides hope and light during what can be a challenging journey. The way this story is filled with meaning and love has been done to the fullest.”

Geraldine O. , Ph.D., a child psychologist shares that the book is “a beautiful and carefully written fairy tale about adoption from the unique love perspective of a child’s biological and adoption parents.”

She says this is not often portrayed in children’s picture books and believes this book would make a wonderful addition to a child’s library in addition to being a much-needed therapeutic tool for child psychologists.

Adopters praise her, too. After reading the movie Love Without Wings, Mike B. He has never had the opportunity to read a children’s story that reflects his family.

“It’s great to see that happen in ‘Love Without Wings,'” he says. As an adopted child, desire is an essential component of feeling loved, and this book truly sends that message. “

Veronica Stanley Hooper, the book’s illustrator, has created beautiful images with many details of a child eager to discover them while their parents read this satisfying story of unconditional love, desires and dreams coming true.

“This unique story shares the elements of adopting a child through a heartwarming story,” Huber says. “And while this tale is perfect for any family wanting to explain adoption to their children, it stands on its own as a classic fairy tale, too.”

Watch the book’s announcement here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?

For more information: https://purplefoxentertainment.com/

Pre-order here: https://purplefoxentertainment.com/product/love-without-wings/ or on Amazon: https://a.co/d/aHJeoXm

About the author:

Adam Swain Ferguson discovered his calling for film and video production after moving to California in 2017, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Entertainment Business, and a Masters in Television Production. Now, he’s channeling both his professional entertainment experience and his innate talent as a storyteller, to produce children’s content inspired by his personal experiences as the family grows; Including adoption and IVF.

He hopes to continue down this path and build additional stories to represent his commitment to diversity by creating a series of adaptations in the books. Children want to see themselves through his stories that will eventually showcase a range of different family dynamics and structures. Currently, Ferguson lives in the greater Los Angeles area with his spouse and their son.

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