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The holidays are approaching, and there are many books that will make great gifts. I’m going to compile two columns this month of suggestions for kids and teens. Remember, toys break, clothes wear out, but books can last a lifetime and pass on to future generations!

Pop-ups and interactive books: It is important to involve the young child in the book that is being read. They want to touch, pull tabs, open panels, spin wheels, etc. My granddaughter Ella helped me choose these books.

little spider

Yu-hsuan Huang, Nosy Crow, 2022, 8 pages, $8.99

I'm thinking of a jungle animal

I’m thinking of a jungle animal

Guillain & Gaggiotti, Nosy Crow, 2022, 8 pages, $9.99

Fiona's fruit bat

Fiona’s fruit bat

Dan Riskin, Illustration by Rachel Keoji, Graystone Kids, 40 pages, $17.95

I hear you ocean

I hear you ocean

Callie George, illustrated by Carmen Mock, Greystone Kids, 2022, 36 pages, $17.95


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