A rewarding reading routine

October 20 2022 | 05:47 am India time

A rewarding reading routine

They say, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…But the man who does not read lives only one.” This quote may seem superficial at first sight, but giving it a second reading will make you realize how true it is, because reading as a habit is not just an activity for the eyes, but an exercise for the human mind.

If you are one of those people who find true happiness and solace in a bookstore, or if you are in a bookstore surrounded by thousands of books that brings you a wide smile on your face, you, my friend, are opening the doors to deep relaxation and new knowledge that will enlighten your mind and help you discover New wavelengths of optical illusion, which you didn’t even know you were capable of. Reading is the path to increased cognitive skills. Hence, below are some of the most vital benefits of being an avid reader.

1. Reading Boosts Vocabulary Everyone has a vocabulary, but when you read, your vocabulary automatically increases, and you tend to outperform the rest. And believe it or not, good vocabulary is always impressive! When you read, you come across a large number of words that you have never read or heard before. This helps you gain new words, phrases, and ways to express yourself in a much better way.

2. Reading improves comprehension skills Everyone, especially children, who are exposed to extensive reading tend to have better comprehension and develop intelligent thinking abilities while increasingly receptive to the creativity around them. As a result, they grow up to be good, smart guys with an enhanced sense of awareness.

3. Reading improves memory and sharpens critical thinking abilities When you read a book, whether it is non-fiction, fiction or philosophical, you tend to be drawn to the story you are trying to tell. In the bargain, you are asked to remember the background, characters, subplots, and more in order to keep up with the book, thus subconsciously enhancing your memorization skills.

In addition, one of the most common benefits of reading books is the development of critical skills. Imagine that you are reading an exciting story or a mystery novel. Once you’ve captured the plot, you engage yourself in it, and every twist in it will sharpen your mind toward coming to your own conclusions.

4. Reading Helps Enhance Analytical Skills When one reads an interesting book, the ultimate goal is to know how it will end and if you are able to do so in line with the author’s thought, it gives you a sense of victory for your ability to analyze the story correctly. Hence, more and more reading over time allows your thinking abilities to develop in a way that makes you a lateral thinker.

5. Reading Boosts Confidence We live in a world where there is intense competition in almost every aspect of life. Hence, what we need to survive today is confidence, the key to having a sparkling personality that enables one to stand out in a crowd. Thus, a person who is exposed to constant and varied reading will be self-confident in the long run.

6. Reading enhances writing – it is not enough just to read. One must read what is written well. This, in turn, affects your ability to become a good writer on your own. When you read, you introduce yourself to a world where “words” become your weapons that you can use freely as you wish. Therefore, everyone should be encouraged and motivated to inculcate the habit of reading books so that they can express themselves more openly whenever the need arises.

7. Reading broadens your horizons and helps you socialize – When you read new things, you discover new things. Being a reader opens your eyes to new traditions and new cultures and essentially gives you a sense of perspective, while also increasing your desire to socialize and become a person who likes to share and interact among other things.

Aside from the above benefits, some of the other vital benefits of reading also include improved focus and concentration, an increased sense of empathy and emotion, and the development of the gallbladder to take charge in any situation you encounter. Remember that good readers are always good leaders. Hence, keep reading for a healthier mind and productive spirit.


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