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Join two intrepid young men as they race to save Christmas, escape to ancient China in a historical fantasy thriller, enjoy a true-to-life Souvenir of Wonderland version of famous book star Lewis Carroll, and meet a bear who needs some human help in a very sparkling game. A collection of new children’s books.Age 7 or older: Jenny Pearson and Katie Kerr’s birth processIt shouldn’t happen to the angel Gabriel! The race to save Christmas is on in a wonderfully festive, feel-good adventure from Costa Award-nominated Jenny Pearson whose wonderful books are based on the perfect mix of all the kids she’s ever taught. the talented Katie Kerr, and some fun Christmas activities to enjoy, The Birth Process has everything you could want from a Christmas story… laughter and warm messages of love, hope, togetherness, and the timeless joy of celebrating the season with your family Oscar and Molly and their parents spend Christmas with their grandparents and Cuthbert Anderson, at their large home, Barlington Hall, in the pretty Hampshire village of Chipping Bottom. Mum isn’t keen because of the ordeal of participating in Barlington’s chaotic annual nativity play but what they don’t know yet is that this year is going to be a birthday they will never forget! It all begins when Oscar and Molly rush outside to investigate a crash in the night and are shocked to find a distraught Angel Gabriel wandering around their grandparents’ back garden. And they certainly don’t expect to find themselves in a race to save Christmas, but if they don’t track down a missing shepherd named Steve, Balthazar the Wise, Donkey and the real Mary and Joseph, who have all gone down in the chopping bottom thanks to an angelic accident, not only will Christmas cease to exist, it will also. The birth process is running! If you love epic adventures, a cast of quirkier characters this side of Christmas, a pretty hefty dose of festive sentiment, and a story that behaves like a warm, cuddly book hug, then Operation The Nativity is the birthday cake you’ve been looking for. Don’t miss the flight! (Usborne Publishing, hardback, £12.99)Ages 9 and up: The Three Bunnies: Scott Lauder and David Ross’ Mud HorseImmerse yourself in a high-stakes historical fantasy adventure based on real artwork, characters, and events. The Three Hares: The Terracotta Horse is the work of Ayrshire-born Scott Lauder, who now lives in the UAE, and David Ross who has traveled and taught throughout Asia since first moving there in 1987. Rich in legends and history, it’s a fast-paced adventure. Paced, action-packed and the third in the thrilling Three Rabbits series that can all be read as stand-alone novels, Salma Mansour is a black belt in taekwondo, a skill you’ll need to survive. One second, it’s in the British Museum, and the next thousand years it’s in a battle between the Saxons and Vikings. How on earth is that supposed to help? Things brighten up for a moment when she meets Sara and Sanjeev, who seem to understand. They don’t have much time to plan because without warning, the three are transported to Xi’an, the stronghold of Chan, a wealthy gang leader bent on immortality. Chan kidnapped world-famous geneticist Lin Dan and collected fragments of ancient magic. Chan will stop at nothing to achieve his dream…even if it means freeing forces beyond his control. The fate of the world is in their hands. The three rabbits must work together to defeat Chan and the force that controls him…or else, with its diverse characters, stunning settings, and adventure time sweeping through ancient China and the Viking Age, The Terracotta Horse is a fantastic thrill ride that travels from present-day London to the city of Xi’an , home of the famous Mud Army, history, mystery and magic, all perfectly designed for youngsters aged nine to teens. 8.99)Ages 12 and up: Savita Callahan’s long weekendIt was a thoughtless decision…you just act. or follow. Don’t stop and think: Should I do this? Two schoolchildren find themselves in mortal danger when they accept a lift from a stranger in the tense and compelling story from Savita Kalhan, a writer who was born in India but moved to the UK when she was young. On the run from a cruel and ruthless kidnapper, The Long Weekend will have readers on the hook. Edge of their seats as Callahan weaves a fast-paced, action-packed adventure that sends important messages as well as providing a contemporary thriller.-Year-old Sam is the new kid at school but luckily he’s made a new friend… Lloyd who was the coolest kid in class “Isn’t that your car we’re riding in?” Confused about who is supposed to pick them up from school, Sam and Lloyd make a huge mistake when they take a lift home in a big, flashy car driven by a friendly-looking man. But now they’re in a dark mansion in the middle of nowhere with the man. Who wants to hurt them. And Sam doesn’t know how to get them out. First, they get trapped, then they get separated, and now they’re alone. There’s chills and excitement almost from page one of this soulful, hypnotic story that carries a very blunt warning about the strange danger and perils of taking lifts, but it’s It also celebrates the power of courage, loyalty, and true friendship. Perfectly erected for young teens who crave their freedom (Troika Books, paperback, £8.99)Ages 12 and up: Raindrops Rainbow Rowell and Jim TierneyAmerican bestselling author Rainbow Rowell has won fans around the world by writing about love and life in a way that feels real and following the huge success of teen books like Eleanor & Park, Fangirl, Attachments, Landline, Pumpkinheads, and Sim

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