WEB Du Bois’ Forgotten Romance Novel

After my father passed away, I did not write for two years. Even reading novels no longer interests me. But when a friend mentioned WEB Du Bois Princess of Darkness, a romance novel published in 1928, I was curious. The novel was underrated and ignored by critics. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to her. … Read more

How the jazz musician and entrepreneur spends his Sunday

Jazz bassist Matthew Garrison doesn’t like to slow down. “I’ve been thinking and doing,” he said. As a performer, he’s touring with Herbie Hancock, and as a producer, he’s helping organize upcoming shows with pianist Jason Moran, drummer Jack DeJohnette, and others. But most of the time, he’s focused on producing music events through ShapeShifter … Read more

Looking for like-minded literary genres? Join Klerb

When Jacob Rees-Mogg hands over one of his ballpoint pens, I often find my thoughts turn to Lewis Carroll’s wisdom: “He’s only doing it to annoy, / Because he knows he’s making it up.” But the Daily Telegraph’s report on the Cabinet Secretary’s summer reading list got me thinking again. after finishing dissolution of the … Read more

Without Warning and Sometimes Only: Scenes from an Unexpected Childhood by Kate De Waal – Review | Biography and notes

WWhen Mandy O’Loughlin was little, she fell hard off a table in her home at 70 Springfield Road, Birmingham while singing with (I Can’t Get No) contentment on the radio. After biting her tongue almost in half, she survived eating ice cream and had a lisp for weeks. When she asked her baby sister to … Read more

Opinion | Rubio’s fake populism can’t be compared to real history

placeholder when loading article action Sean Willentz teaches at Princeton University and is the author of The Rise of American Democracy: From Jefferson to Lincoln. “I’m not a scientist, man,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) once told an interviewer. He sidesteps a question about creationism and how old the earth is. “I don’t think I’m qualified … Read more

Scott Graham’s assorted heroes define puzzles

Scott Graham He is the author of the National Park Mystery series, which features archaeologist Chuck Bender and Chuck’s wife, Paramedic Janelle Ortega. The seventh book in the Canyonlands Carnage series is a finalist for the 2022 Colorado Book Award in the Puzzle category. Graham has also authored five non-fiction books, including National Outdoor Book … Read more