It can be hard to find children’s books in languages ​​other than English and Irish in Dublin

Idel Finn presents a children’s book in Ukrainian about the war. Shamim Melkian’s photo. Arjumand Yunus says she has given up searching for good Urdu books for her young daughters. “I didn’t find much, neither on Amazon nor here in bookstores,” Yunus said on a Zoom call recently. I have tried to get them to … Read more

Books: Q&A with local author Lynn Sloan

Lynne Sloan, based in Evanston, is a writer and photographer. her first novel, Navigation principlesselected for the 2015 Chicago Book Review’s Best Books, and her second novel, middle of the roadpublished in 2022 and called “luminous” by Foreword Reviews. She is the author of the story collection This is not far away. An art book … Read more

In the new children’s book, readers become part of the story and help interstellar travelers who have succeeded in their mission

Tara: Mission on Earth Ina van der Velden Tara: Mission to Earth by Ina van der Velden This book is not just an adventure for children. It’s our dream about Earth and what it might be like if we treat it the way an interstellar team treats their planet, Tara.” – Amazon reference Emin Aliyev … Read more

University bookstore addresses: 9.27.2022

To learn more about the University Book Store, click here football chase QB Aidan O’Connell’s Case Mysterious As Purdue Prepares For Gophers – Showcases: Minnesota – Big Ten Power Poll: It’s PJ’s world. We all just live in it – Georgia Tech fired their coach after 1-3 start – Winners and … Read more

IMAGE Book Club: Read an excerpt from “Her Keys to the City” by Alison Gilliland and Claudagh Finn

Of the 83 people who gained the freedom of Dublin City from 1897 to the present day, only four have been women – and this book is a challenge to that. In addressing this very obvious imbalance in the gender balance, Her keys to the city It displays the diversity of the many accomplished women … Read more

Early grade learning assessments stimulate Sierra Leone to enhance foundational reading, writing and arithmetic skills

Children who learn to read and write and acquire strong basic literacy and numeracy skills in the first grade years are more likely to be successful throughout their academic lives. Literacy levels are also related to economic, civic, health and other quality of life standards for individuals and entire nations. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, … Read more

8 Deadly True Crime Books For ‘Cold Blood’ Fans

Truman Capote was born on September 30, 1924 in New Orleans, Louisiana. His career as a writer seems to have been something of fate, as he taught himself to read and write at an early age. He started writing short stories before moving on to novels, plays and screenplays. It can be said that the … Read more