The reluctant prophet of effective altruism

content This content can also be viewed on the website from which it originated. Philosopher William MacAskill attributes his personal transformation to an undergraduate seminar at Cambridge University. Before this transition, McAskill liked to drink too many pints and frolic naked at night, climbing sloping roofs for a life-affirming washout. He was the saxophonist of … Read more

The best tech books of 2020

MCD / wired It’s been a frustrating year of updating live blogs and breaking news sites. But we also managed to get some reading done. Here, our writers and editors have picked our favorite books from 2020, covering a wide range of areas covered by Wired. Uncanny Valley, Anna Wiener In this memoir, New Yorker … Read more

The best science books to read in 2021

go through Simon Ings and Liz other Deepol By Plainpicture/Vasily Pindyurin save the earth For good reason, this year has been billed as the year we must come together to save human civilization. Fortunately, the technology needed to achieve a zero-carbon economy is surprisingly simple. Getting the roughly 8 billion grumpy primates to agree on … Read more

30 Must-Read Engineering Books

resource: Gayle Laakmann McDowell/Amazon As a software engineer, you are probably familiar with being asked to come up with great algorithms in the field, or wish to be able to do so when asked.This book and 189 programming problems and solutions to help you. resource: Richard W. Hamming/Amazon An excellent read by the great mathematician … Read more

Best Science Book Subscription Service

Summons science nerds, tinkerers and fun fact users! If you’re looking to satisfy your voracious appetite for all things science with a fiction or nonfiction book subscription service, you’ve come to the right place. There aren’t a ton of services focused solely on science books, but we’ve done our best to present five different science … Read more

30 Best Engineering Books for Kids

Have you ever found yourself having a hard time getting your kids interested in STEAM? Do you find it difficult to get them into engineering or apply yourself to art?​​​ No longer afraid! Here’s a list of the top 30 books to help your child get interested in engineering. We’ve divided the list by age … Read more