Love of Books – NAU Review

August 9th is Book Lover Day, and what better way to celebrate than to hear from book lovers about their favorite books (besides reading yours)? nau review Ask Klein Library and other NAU department staff to share their favorite books in honor of this book-filled celebration.

Books for kids who love science

Children read books in a row in the park. Wavebreak Media LTD Sure, the kids in your life will get toys, but you also want them to learn something over the holidays. Here are some great books for kids of all ages. Ever been asked a question only an astronaut can answer?exist Ask the Astronauts: … Read more

Girls’ Generation fans criticize ex-member Jessica Jung for insinuating infidelity on a girl group in ‘Bright’

Girls’ Generation, also known as SNSD, has trouble with brewing ex-member, Jessica Jung, releasing one novel after another. The novels contain disclaimers of the “fictional” nature of the depicted characters and incidents, but it was their connection to reality that angered Sones (SNSD fans) on the former member. Since it was announced that Jessica will … Read more