Besides NCERT, which books are important for CBSE Level 10, 12 (Semester 2) Board Exam?

Here is a list of books that students can refer to in addition to NCERT books to get good grades in CBSE Board Class 10, 12 Term 2 Exams 2022.

CBSE Class 10, 12 Board Exam 2022 - Best Books

CBSE Class 10, 12 Board Exam 2022 – Best Books

2022 CBSE Class 10, 12 Semester 2 Exam: CBSE Class 10 Semester 2 Examinations and Class 12 Semester 2 Exams will begin on 26 April 2022. There is not enough time for students to take these board exams. Students have started their review process and are now reviewing their syllabus. We discussed the importance of NCERT books for CBSE 10, 12 board exams in our previous article. Today we bring you a list of books for class 10 and 12 that you must read in order to do well in the CBSE board exam.

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CBSE Class 12 Term 2 Exams 2022: Best Books Outside NCERT

In addition to the NCERT books for the CBSE Class 12 Term 2 exam, you can refer to the following list of books:

theme Best Books for Grade 12 (Except NCERT)
English CBSE Chapter Wise/Topic Wise Question Bank, Oswaal Publications


High School Mathematics – Class 12, RS Aggarwal
NCERT Model Mathematics
Math Lesson XII (set of 2 volumes), RD Sharma


Physical Concepts, HC Verma
NCERT Demonstration Physics
Objective Physics, DC Pandey
Fundamentals of Physics, Halliday, Resnick and Walker


Chemistry Fundamentals, Modern Publications
NCERT Paradigm, Chemistry
Physical Chemistry, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, OP Tandon
Dinesh Chemistry, Dinesh


Basic Biology Volumes 1 and 2, Trueman
Objective Biology, Dinesh
MTG’s Objective NCERT at your fingertips, MTG

CBSE Class 10 Semester 2 Exam 2022: Best Books Outside of NCERT

Here is a list of books other than NCERT that can be used by class 10 students.

theme Best reference books for 10th grade


Grade 10 Math – RD Sharma
Grade 10 Secondary Mathematics – RS Aggarwal
All in One Math – Arihant


Lesson 10 Science: Physics by Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur
Principles of Physics S Chand Books, – Nk Chowdhry
Fundamentals of Physics – Pradeep Publications
Lesson 10 Science: Chemistry with Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur
Lesson 10 Science: Biology Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur

social science

All in One Social Science CBSE Level 10 – Arihant
The Golden Guide to Social Sciences – Sudha Rastogi, SA Siddiqui, JP Singhal and Dr Gulshan Rai
S Chand Social Sciences – NK Chowdhry
Xam Social Science Ideas – Editorial Board


Communication in English – Oswaal School Books
CBSE All In One English Language and Literature by Arihant Experts 10
High school English grammar and composition book by Wren and Martin for Grammar.
Xam Idea Full Course English by VK Global for CBSE Class 10

By the above table, we do not mean that NCERT books are not important or that students must study from the above books to pass the board exam. These are just some of the best reference books on the market, guided by our experts to give students a little extra help.

Students are advised to read all NCERT books and examples thoroughly in order to do well in the CBSE Class 10, 12 board exams and to avoid using any guides available in the market. If they need some extra help, the above books can come in handy.

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