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math. All in all, it may evoke horrific memories: rows and rows of algebraic equations, and precious childhood hours spent on confusing and complicated sums. Even in our adult years, some of us avoid math as much as possible—even physicists opt for studies with fewer mathematical equations on the page.

But it doesn’t have to be.These accessible non-fiction books will help you master geometry and use cosine, sine and tangent more confidently…or they might be helpful you Help with GCSE Maths homework. Some also illuminate the history of mathematics through memoirs or even novels.

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The best math books right now

The Curious Book of Geometry: A Mathematical Story David Acheson

David Acheson freed geometry from the shackles of boring textbooks and unleashed its potential for surprise and delight. A rich and ancient history can be found in these pages, as well as the future of the field beyond simple (yet elegant) equations.

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