Books for kids who love science

Children read books in a row in the park. Wavebreak Media LTD

Sure, the kids in your life will get toys, but you also want them to learn something over the holidays. Here are some great books for kids of all ages.

Tim Peake

Ever been asked a question only an astronaut can answer?exist Ask the Astronauts: My Guide to Living in Space British astronaut Tim Peake answers all your tough space questions, including the grossest things about living in space.

Engineering disaster insurance

Have a kid who seems to like to tear down a block building as soon as it’s built? Sean Connolly’s Book of Massive Epic Engineering Disasters brings together some of the biggest and most notorious engineering problems in history.

here to there

The journey can start with a stair, a rolling wheel or a blast.exist from here to thereHP Newquist looks at a variety of vehicles, from shoes and sandals to more technical ones.

Kitchen Science Cover

Making a mess in the kitchen has never been more educational.Turn your counter into a lab bench for kid-friendly experiments Explore kitchen science The Exploratorium is a famous science museum in San Francisco.

How big is the thing, really?Give your kids some perspective and let them magnitude Kimberly Arcander and Megan Watzke. Illustrated by Katie Peek, this massive digital book puts projects on our planet and beyond into perspective. Great gift for kids and kids.

I Jane cover
by Patrick MacDonald. Patrick MacDonald

I…Jane Patrick McDonnell remains a wonderful, child-friendly introduction to primatologist Jane Goodall. The book recounts her childhood adventures.

baby love quark

Listen, it’s never too early for kids to learn some particle physics.and baby loves quarks Ruth Spiro introduces your baby or toddler to the basic building blocks of matter between blocks.

Rossi Revered Cover

Rosie Revere…Engineer Inspiring kids to never give up on their dreams, author Andrea Beaty tells the story of Rosie Revere, who would love to be an engineer.Other books in the series include Iggy Pike, architect and Ada Twisted, Scientist.

science poem cover

award-winning classic scientific verse Author Jon Scieszka turns scientific concepts into playful poetry. Great for those who love English and science courses.

Project Terra Cover

The first book in the series, Earth Project Landry Q. Walker is a sci-fi adventure for teenagers. Includes: Terraforming and Alien Adventures.

star cover

For astronomy lovers, check out the Sparkling Art page what we see in the stars Written by Kelsey Oseid, it describes the constellations and the myths that come with them.It’s a nice, more story-telling companion to a guide to the field of astronomy

when you turn the page Wild: A Shining Book Dan Kainen’s pictures move, like real-world gifs, or a simplified mashup of David Attenborough and Harry Potter. It’s mesmerizing, even for adults.

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