Laure Jeslason: Writing Goopy Horror in a Neurological World

As writers, we are often reminded by self-help motivation experts to “just write,” but what happens if your sensory pelvis fills up to the limit and you go to complete exhaustion? The idea of ​​putting pen to paper can be more terrifying than the story you’re trying to tell. Of course, this is not the … Read more

Best Fiction Books That Can Boost A Child’s Self-Confidence – The Upcoming

The best fantasy books that can boost a child’s self-confidence September 27 2022 Having self-confidence can help a child make friends, do well in school, and deal well with the various challenges they may face in their daily lives. However, there is an alarming rise in children’s self-esteem issues, with research by the Center for … Read more

IMAGE Book Club: Read an excerpt from “Her Keys to the City” by Alison Gilliland and Claudagh Finn

Of the 83 people who gained the freedom of Dublin City from 1897 to the present day, only four have been women – and this book is a challenge to that. In addressing this very obvious imbalance in the gender balance, Her keys to the city It displays the diversity of the many accomplished women … Read more

8 Deadly True Crime Books For ‘Cold Blood’ Fans

Truman Capote was born on September 30, 1924 in New Orleans, Louisiana. His career as a writer seems to have been something of fate, as he taught himself to read and write at an early age. He started writing short stories before moving on to novels, plays and screenplays. It can be said that the … Read more

Libraries face increasing attempts to ban books

Chiaradio complained to the school committee—the president was his sister—and the committee sided with the school. Subsequently, he filed a criminal complaint with Westerly Police, in which he said unsuccessfully that “Gender Queer” and two other books violated federal and state obscenity laws. Get a road map A weekday briefing from veteran Rhode Island reporters, … Read more