Louisville leaders break ground on historic Parkland library restoration project

The Parkland Library has been closed since 1986, but on Thursday, community leaders broke ground on a $2.7 million renovation project. “I checked my first library book when I was about 7 years old,” said Maupin-Hicks, who grew up A hospitable place is part of home,” Maupin-Hicks said. The History Library opened in 1908 thanks … Read more

Sophia Lillis transitions from film to live theater for DC stage roles

Sophia Lillis is no stranger to the realm of fictional horror. For a 20-year-old actress who’s already filmed two projects, including being drenched head-to-toe in fake blood – horror blockbuster “It” and Netflix’s supernatural series “I Disagree with This” – human trafficking fears are day’s work. So, after running from one sprawling movie set to … Read more

‘I’m angry my ancestors are part of the whitewashing of history’

As a young girl, Sandy Hamilton had great respect for her ancestor Stephen Partridge. As a member of the British Army’s 46th Regiment, her great-great-great-grandfather arrived in New South Wales in 1814 to cross the river with explorer John Oxley, who later became the supervisor of Port Macquarie prisoners. “During my childhood, my father instilled … Read more

Jan Risher: How Identifying the Day’s Highlights Can Lead to Deep Conversations | Louisiana Inspiration

Last week our 20 year old daughter Piper brought a friend over for dinner. As we were all sitting at the table, Piper said, “Mom, I’ve warned her, I even told her the rules.” Yes, we have an after-dinner conversation rule in our house. They’ve grown organically, but we’re serious about them. Let me explain: … Read more

“Everyone has a book“: Ordinary people record their stories, and the memoir industry thrives | Autobiography and Memoirs DayDayNews

Brian Lewis grew up on a tough council estate after arriving in the UK as part of the Windrush generation. At the age of eight he developed an interest in chess and joined a team of council estate children in tournaments, often competing with children from more privileged backgrounds. At the age of 12, he … Read more

Geek Wars – Atlantic

this is a version atlantic organization The Daily is a newsletter that guides you through the day’s most important stories, helps you discover new ideas, and recommends the best cultures. register here. pop culture franchises such as Lord of the Rings and game of Thrones– Grow this year to include Amazon’s This Ring of Strength … Read more

Shaun Prescott’s Bon and Lesley Review – Armageddon from a Small Australian Town | Fiction

OneAfter the success of his first novel, Small Town, Sean Prescott revisited some of the same territory in his second novel. “Small Town” is about an unnamed man “studying the disappearing towns in the NSW Midwest” before he witnesses the literal disappearance of an unnamed town as big holes start to appear in the streets. … Read more