In “Why Trust Science?” Naomi Oreskes explains why the proof process is trustworthy – Harvard Gazette

Naomi Oreskes, who just returned from sabbatical, published Why Trust Science? Although the geologist-turned-history of science professor’s field of study is climate, she’s critical of everything from sunscreen to birth control. Oreskes, who has co-authored or edited 7 books and is about to publish a book on Cold War Oceanography, spoke on Gazette about the … Read more

9 great books on the science of love

Scientists have been thinking about love. They’ve done chemistry, psychology and statistics. They used algorithms and microscopes. They masturbated on the MRI machine. They have a lot to say. For Valentine’s Day this year, we’ve rounded up some of the best books on the science of love and sex. “Science” is not a single voice. … Read more

Graeme Souness doesn’t call Celtic the ‘unacceptable face of Scottish football’

Graeme Souness tried his Ian Archer moment today. It doesn’t wash and it doesn’t stick. For those who don’t know who Ian Archer is, he is synonymous with the following observations: For the R*****s, it has to be said that they are a permanent embarrassment and occasional shame as a Scottish football club. This country … Read more

The best sci-fi love books

The problem with genre fiction is unfortunate stereotypes and assumptions about what subsets appeal to what audiences. Call it “science fiction,” and it will inevitably be marketed to men. Call it “Romantic,” and the pink cover comes out. It’s not fair to either genre, and when a story is a complete mix of both genres, … Read more

what will happen this year

Moderator: Benjamin Thompson Hi Benjamin from Nature Podcast here. I wish you all a Happy New Year. This week, we ease ourselves into 2022, looking ahead to what the scientific community might have in store for us over the next 12 months.Doing this with me is Davide Castelvecchi, who has been working on nature. Hi … Read more

Graphic Novels About Science | Book Riot

This content contains affiliate links. We may earn affiliate commissions when you purchase through these links. Graphic novels are fun to read, but can they be used for school and learning? Yes! Graphic novels are a great addition to any subject in school. Not only do they appeal to reluctant readers, they also provide visual … Read more

Stop drinking, keep reading, and protect your hearing: A neurologist’s secret to fighting memory loss and Alzheimer’s | Memory

YesYou walk into a room without remembering what you came in for. Or you meet an old acquaintance at work and forget their name. Most of us have had such short-lived memory lapses, but in middle age they start to feel more ominous. Did they make us look unprofessional, or did they pass? Could this … Read more

CBSE Level 10 Reference Books for Board Exam 2022-23: All-In-One Books, Past Years Papers & More | Most Searched Products

Looking for some of the best CBSE Level 10 reference books to help you start preparing for the 2022-23 exam early? There are many options online, including all-in-one question banks, solved papers from previous years, books with mock exam papers, and more. Available for all subjects, even specific ones, these books help you shop easily … Read more