On the way to “bio-computers” that work with human neurons?

Scientists from several disciplines are working on ” revolutionary biocomputers where three-dimensional cultures of brain cells, brain organoids, as ” biological hardware “. Her work was published in the magazine frontiers in science[1]. ” We call this new interdisciplinary field “Organoid Intelligence (IO)” said Professor Thomas Hartung of Johns Hopkins University. ” A community of … Read more

Itinerant School of Peace in Abidjan: Jean Pierre Raffarin’s appeal to the Ivorian youth

On the initiative of the Amadou Gon Coulibaly Institute of Political Training (IFP-AGC) in cooperation with the Leaders For Peace Foundation, “The Traveling School of Peace” took place in Abidjan from February 27 to March 4, 2023. It is a high level education to ensure the transmission of peace building tools and methods and instill … Read more

LUNARK – A new sci-fi adventure to discover on Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch

Do you want to enjoy a pixel art style sci-fi adventure? LUNARK is about to be released on the Nintendo Switch eShop as well as a physical version via Limited run games. Expected March 30, 2023 We leave you below a first descriptive trailer. Set in a distant future where Earth’s moon has been transformed … Read more

Virtual Science launches a tool with innovative features based on AI, dedicated to the advisory missions of major players in the healthcare sector. This tool will allow to generate at the level of companies in the life science sector

The platform’s enterprise-ready capabilities enable comprehensive collection of advisory board data from multiple companies, countries and stakeholders. As a result, new perspectives can be identified and implemented more efficiently and effectively. Virtual Science’s medical-grade AI capabilities provide actionable qualitative and quantitative insights and analytics on interactive advisory board activities. The use of AI eliminates the … Read more

3,500-year-old bear frozen in permafrost finally studied scientifically

The fully fossilized and in excellent condition carcass of the animal discovered in Siberia was examined by the researchers, who were able to examine in particular the brain and internal organs. It’s a major scientific discovery. In Siberia, researchers recently managed to autopsy a brown bear that was preserved in permafrost for almost 3,500 years. … Read more

2023: Opportunities for Innovation and Impact Investing in Cancer

Impact investing offers more potential than ever before, with innovative financing methods that can direct capital with increasing efficiency. Even if the year 2022 was marked by crises, it has nevertheless enabled significant advances in the fields of science and innovation. The field of oncology research, cancer prevention and treatment has also progressed, and recent … Read more