Quantum computers will revolutionize finance

“In our team, we are also interested in technologies that have the potential to disrupt the sector,” Yannick Huchard comments. “Quantum computing is one of them, as well as artificial intelligence and blockchain. The world also talked a lot about the metaverse last year, which is also part of our work. Can you explain in … Read more

What are the latest new technology development projects for Regeneron Pharmaceuticals?

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is an innovation-driven biotechnology and biopharmaceutical company. Founded in 1988, Regeneron has earned a worldwide reputation for providing innovative treatments for critical ailments, including cardiovascular disease, inflammatory diseases, eye diseases, infectious diseases, and neurological diseases. The company also focuses on developing new technologies to improve the lives of patients with critical illnesses. Over … Read more

Samsung announces the launch of its new Premium Collection 2023 TVs in France – Samsung Newsroom UK

OLED, NeoQLED 8K and NeoQLED: Samsung brings the best technology to the market with more features and premium experiences in terms of performance, connectivity and personalization. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Today it announces the launch of its Premium Collection 2023 TVs, available for pre-order in France from February 27th. A leader in the TV market … Read more

When ChatGPT inspires tech companies – Image

Thus, Microsoft created a surprise at the beginning of February by integrating ChatGPT into its Bing search engine, in the form of a chatbot capable of answering users’ questions but also generating various scripts on demand. The US IT conglomerate has already invested $1 billion in OpenAI, the startup behind language models that support ChatGPT, … Read more

ID card on a smartphone: where is it?

It was one of the great technological novelties announced by the government for 2023. The Digital National Identity Card (CNI), available on smartphones, was supposed to arrive nationwide in the first quarter of 2023, via the French Identity app. However, it appears that the project has finally been delayed. explanations. Since May 2022, a committee … Read more