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Looking for some of the best CBSE Level 10 reference books to help you start preparing for the 2022-23 exam early? There are many options online, including all-in-one question banks, solved papers from previous years, books with mock exam papers, and more. Available for all subjects, even specific ones, these books help you shop easily based on your test prep needs and preferences. Since you can find most of these books in paperback and Kindle editions, you can study and revise according to your preferences for the CBSE Class 10 2023 Board Exam.

We’ve listed some of our top picks in 10 categories of reference books you might consider buying online. Choose from the best CBSE 10 books to buy online based on your subject needs and revision patterns.


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If you are looking to buy a set of 4 books that will help you do well in the important subjects of the CBSE Level 10 Board Exam, this set might be a good choice. With an exhaustive question bank, these books will help you understand the types of questions that will be asked on the exam, and practice plenty of questions before you take your prep and board exams. With chapter and topic questions, these books will help you focus on each topic according to your revision strategy. With common mistakes and answering tips, these books will help you answer questions more systematically. Since these books even offer the option to browse concept videos, you can enjoy a blended learning experience and study without books to make your concepts clear.

Here’s another set of 4 books that you might consider doing board exam practice for the 2023 exam. As an all-in-one combination of books, these books provide resolved papers from Term 1 and 2 of the previous academic year, answers from high scorers on the 2020 Board Exam, revision notes, CBSE grading schemes from past years, and solutions Solutions, mind maps, concept videos, common mistakes, answer prompts for better scores, and more. In addition to these preparation tools, you can even test your knowledge and systematically plan your review strategy in the final weeks before the board exam with the help of the self-assessment tests and practice papers in these books.

If you prefer to solve problems from previous years to improve your test preparation, this book containing solved test papers may be a good option to buy online. In addition to solved exam papers, the book even provides solutions from top answer papers to help you learn how to improve your answering skills and score more on board exams. The mind maps in this book greatly aid conceptual recall and help you retain the most important topics in that topic for longer. This will ultimately help you do well in the 2023 board exam.

Want to get enough practice questions before taking an internal or board math exam? This book by RD Sharma is a good option to buy online. Because of the popularity of this book among students and the abundance of solutions, you can not only practice with this book, but also solve your doubts when you can’t understand any of the solutions. Therefore, this book will serve as a useful choice for your 2023 CBSE Board Exam.

Here’s another math book you might consider preparing for your Class 10 board exam. Since it has tons of questions per chapter, you can even use the book as a reference to help you practice more questions than the textbook. The book is affordable and only available in paperback.

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