Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2022 with these books by Latin authors

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When I was an undergraduate in 1982 taking a class on early American literature, the professor, a noted scholar of Whitman and Emerson, declared during his first lecture, “By the middle of the next century, American literature will be dominated by masters with last names like Alvarez, Garcia, and Diaz.” In it The time – when the major publishing houses were printing perhaps a handful of books by Latin writers every year, and even among America’s best-read book lovers, not many were wandering away from the magical Macondo a hundred years of isolation When it came to Latin American literature – it was a bold and outrageous prophecy. Yet, three decades after the date of the coronation of that prophecy, writers such as National Book Award finalist Christina Garcia, Julia Alvarez, Hernán Díaz, and Junot Díaz, Pulitzer nominee and Pulitzer winner, enjoy a central place in the contemporary American literary canon. They are paving the way for many of the writers on the list below, and are still very active in producing works that will surely be fully incorporated into North American law for the twenty-first century as predicted by the wise professor.

The works in the list below of the most notable Latin books released in 2022, in hardcover or paper, cover a wide range of issues and continue to expand the landscape of Latin fiction from the tip of South America to the unfinished canyons of the wall. Street before the Great Depression. However, they all deal to some extent with the universal questions of homeland and the existential themes of shifting identities and realities that have been a hallmark of Western literature ever since. Odyssey. They are also forcing us as Americans to take a more serious look at ourselves and to reconsider how these once outsider voices now polish our cherished notions of equality and the majestic poetry of freedom rooted in but often silent American DNA.

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monkey boyby Francisco Goldman


How not to drown in a glass of water by Angie Cruz


Resultsby Manuel Muñoz


of women and saltBy Gabriela Garcia


tough timesby Mario Vargas Llosa


cruiseNicholas Ferraro


The dangers of smoking in bedby Mariana Enriquez


What will come to meBy Francesca Padilla


Lesbiana Guide to Catholic Schoolby Sonora Reyes


Parkney, Ultima; Tortuga. Albuquerque by Rodolfo Anaya


The Mambo Kings and Other Novelsby Oscar Hegelos


Cuba: An American HistoryAnd the


Solitoby Javier Zamora


The man who can move the cloudsBy Ingrid Rojas Contreras


neon brownBy Raquel Gutierrez


High risk gayby Edgar Gomez

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