Cormac McCarthy’s new books spark the literary scene in San Antonio

The literary community in San Antonio, as well as the rest of the country, was quick to note the overwhelming number of pre-orders and e-book reservations for both novels.

“Cormac McCarthy has maintained his popularity and status as one of the most influential authors in America for decades,” said Haley K. Holmes, director of temporary library services at the San Antonio Public Library. Patrons of the San Antonio Public Library are clearly enthusiastic about his new novels—as evidenced by the numerous reservations placed on titles. the passenger And the Stella Maris before we put it on our shelves. McCarthy fans have been eagerly awaiting the publication of a new novel ever since The Road (2006)And the And you are given a rare opportunity to enjoy two new releases separated by a month and a half.”

But since it’s been a long time ago, here’s an update on who Cormac McCarthy is before you get to grips with his latest book.

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