Create a survival plan and get to read the next survival story

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When all modern conveniences are lost after a massive blackout, Kevin Barton’s family faces starvation. Their problems are compounded by the fact that their teenage daughter’s best friend is stranded in their home after sleeping – leaving them with an extra mouth to feed. Help is offered by the man who prevents the town from sliding into the chaos of ‘everyone for themselves’, but then gives ‘Kevin’ an unimaginable ultimatum. With the calm of the city and Kevin’s family at stake, he faces a war on two fronts. Can Kevin find the strength in himself to protect everything he holds dear?

Coming up with a good survival plan can determine more than whether you live or die. It can also decide which book you should read next.

Survival Thrillers are thrilling stories centered around a character or group of characters who fight to survive against all odds. Some survival and thriller books are all human against nature. Some people bully each other. And others… well, they can get a little supernatural.

But which one are you destined to read next?

It’s time to gather your survival kit, prepare your roadmap, pack your bags and get ready to set off on an adventure. Make a plan to survive, and if you reach the end, you can go home and read a good book as your reward. If you don’t survive to the end, we’ll continue to recommend a book. thanks for playing.

Wondering what other books you would have had if you had made other plans? Here is the full list of results!

Ski Weekend Cover

Ski weekend by ricktok ros

Ski weekend From Rektok Ross is the survival movie for you. Six teenagers and a dog sitting in one SUV on a ski trip. But everything goes wrong when their car hits a puddle of snow and there is no way to call for help.

book cover of Hunger by Alma Katsu

hunger by Alma Katsu

Are you looking for a survival movie mixed with horror and historical fiction? Alma Katsu hunger I got you covered. The wagon train known as the Donner Party is one of the most disastrous Western adventures in American history. But what really happened to them?

near the bone cap

near the bone by Christina Henry

must read near the bone by Christina Henry. A woman trapped on a mountain has to escape from supernatural and human monsters. The stakes rise when three strangers appear looking for the monster.

Battle Royale for the book cover of Koushun Takami

battle royale by Kushun Takami

You’re the type who doesn’t pull punches, and neither does Kushun Takami battle royale. A class of high school students is taken to a remote island where they are forced to fight to the death. Who will survive?

The River by Peter Heller book cover

the river by Peter Heller

You must check the river by Peter Heller. Wynn and Jack have been friends since heading off to college, bonding over their shared love of mountains, books, and fishing. When they decide to kayak the Maskwa River in northern Canada, your friendship will be tested.

Live to survive? Check out these survival novels. Or if you are looking for quizzes about books, we have a selection for you to choose from!

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