Dali Beach Bag Book Recommendations

My book for loving friends, we have one month until Labor Day, and that means it’s time to read all your beach bags can hold.

Time for the next release of #FiveBooksForYourBeachBag. Load it up, pack your sunscreen and snacks – you have a lot of reading to do.

Also – alert! Siren! – We’re halfway through 2022, and you should keep your Century Club rosters! For those who don’t know, I challenge my columnists each year to reach 100 books. Reading 25-49 takes you to the Quarter Century Club. 50-99 in the half century, and 100+ in the century club. Evaluate your list, and see how far you need to get to the latter half of the year.

And now, here are 5 new releases to add to your bag (and list.)

1. “Dirtbag, MA: Confession,” by Isaac Fitzgerald

A New York Times and USA Today bestseller, I was initially drawn to the title. After reading it, I can see why this book is so crowded—best book of the summer, Rolling Stone Culture Choice, and a finalist for the 2022 New England Book Award, among others. Many Massachusetts readers—particularly men—may feel this way. If you liked “The Tender Bar” by JR Moehringer, try this one. According to the publisher’s summary:

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