Do men or women buy more books for their children?: Poll

Kids love big books and they can’t lie!

A survey conducted by OnePoll for ThriftBooks found that both parents and children enjoy reading.

In the research, 2,000 parents with young school-aged children were asked about their reading habits.

Half of the parents note that they buy books for their children one to several times a month.

It was also discovered that fathers are more likely than mothers to buy books for their children (54% vs. 44%).

Fathers were happy to share their favorite childhood books with their children (58%), and Generation Z moms and dads especially like showing off their favorite books to their children, more than any other age group (76%).

The average fan of literature has 26 books – 21 of which they choose themselves. About 6% of the average children’s lighting group consists of reading for school.

It was found that men are more likely to buy books for their children.
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Three out of four (76%) parents indicated that their children are eagerly waiting to buy more novels. The average parent and child spends about five hours a week reading.

Educating readers for life
75% of parents believe that books are the main reason behind their children’s creativity.

Common genres that youngsters love to devour include adventure (32%), fantasy (27%), fantasy (27%) and mystery (27%).

A ThriftBooks spokesperson said: “There are many ways that parents and educators can continue to foster children’s love for reading over the years, from reading aloud together to having children bring their favorite stories to life by drawing or acting them out.” Research Speakers at the South West News Service.

Educating lifelong readers
Almost 70% of children hope to become an author one day because of their passion for novels.

They continued, “Any type of book can easily become a learning tool. By taking children’s reading preferences into account, teachers can create a powerful library in and out of the classroom to transform students from readers to book lovers.”

Parents use several sources to find good book recommendations. Friends and family came in at 32%, while reading sites like Goodreads and Book Riot came in at 30%. Twenty-eight percent searched the Internet to discover new readings.

The survey also asked children if they were inspired to become authors because of their passion for books. About 68% agreed with this statement.

Educating readers for life
62% of children have their own bookshelves at home and about half (48%) are full.
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Seven out of ten parents believe their children are more creative than they were at their age, with books being a major component of this idea.

More than half (55%) of parents think their children might grow up to have a career in a creative field. Other outlets that children use to develop their creativity include drawing (37%) and writing (32%).

Educating lifelong readers
The average child only has about 6% of the books on their shelf that retirees read for school.

More than a quarter (26%) of parents also want to inspire their children to read more informative books.

Kids’ Favorite Books, According to Parents

  • “Dragon Rings” by Jin Luen Yan
  • “Beauty and the beast”
  • Bible stories
  • Disney “Frozen” set
  • “I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast” by Michael Holland
  • Judy Bloom Books
  • “Naruto”
  • “The Babysitter Club” by Ann M. Martin
  • poetry books
  • “Wings of Fire” series by Tui T. Sutherland


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