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Seriously, Christians should be enlightened About the game Drag Queen Story Hour.

We have an epidemic of predatory priests, but, yeah, let’s worry about drag queens to read books to kids at the local library.

Drag is a show, part entertainment and part social commentary about sex. Sure, we could have a high-level theoretical conversation about performance, signaling, homosexual consistency, and fluidity of sex, and I have my own criticisms of withdrawal, but that’s not the point here.

Susan Shaw

The point is a lot of Christians They are horrified that they think drag queens are cleaning kids simply by being drag queens in a public place with the kids around.

Drag Queen Story Hour began in San Francisco in 2015 when Michelle T took her kid to story hours at the library, but found it somewhat heterogeneous—focusing on and assuming heterosexual families. So I decided to create something more inclusive, especially for LGBTQ families. And the game Drag Queen Story Hour was born. The concept soon spread to bookstores across the country where it was well received by the children and families who participated.

Of course, not everyone was happy reading Drag Queens to children. A petition to the American Library Association to stop Drag Queen Story Hours collected 100,000 signatures, but the ALA responded by reaffirming its commitment to free speech and ideas.

“The right is using concerns about sex and sexuality to recruit new followers and to distract attention from their current scandals.”

Today, cloud queens attack Reading to children is a convenient strategy to allow the political and religious right to avoid looking at their home. The right is using concerns about gender and sexuality to recruit new followers and to divert attention from their current scandals, including clerical abuse and rebellion. It is much easier to play on old stereotypes about predatory gay men than to process the firmness in their eyes.

A protester against drag queens for children reads to children and holds a sign as protest groups gather outside the Jubilee Library on August 4, 2022 in Brighton, UK. (Photo by Martin Pope/Getty Images)

One of the components of drag is definitely sex. Many drag artists are gay men. not everything. The withdrawal indicates that homosexual activity is not perverted. This is not grooming. Indeed, hearing this message early on may mean that children in the audience who grow up to be gay are better able to accept themselves and are less likely to kill themselves, although there seems to be a feeling among many on the right that it is “better death than queer”. Some on the right even want an America where we do queers.

Now, that doesn’t mean drag isn’t a threat. Drag is an incredible threat – to gender norms that subdue women and denigrate gays – and that’s what the truth really fears, and this pull may cause a rethink of sex and sexuality, and they may lose their grip on straight women. gender and sexual minorities.

Children themselves explore sex. Think about how many young boys might want to dress up as a princess before social restrictions shame them into doing so. Lots of little girls want to become pirates and play baseball. Drag queens may help them believe this is a good thing.

“Incarnation is kind of a drag, isn’t it?”

You may be wondering what the Bible says about all this. Well, incarnation is kind of a drag, right? At the heart of our faith is the story that God takes humanity and leads it, and thus redeems it. The incarnation is not “God in the flesh.” The incarnation is God’s seal of God’s approval of our humanity, and it is a statement of God’s radical inclusion of our humanity. It is a reminder, as our fellow Quakers said, that there is a memory of God in every person.

Feminist theorists remind us that gender itself is a performance. In our cultures we learn to act like the sex we were assigned at birth. After all, there is no fixed biological reason why women should wear dresses, paint their nails, carry purses, and wear pantyhose. And there is no innate requirement that men have all the pockets, have trouser sizes that take waist and height into account, or not have to shave their legs.

We desperately need reinforcement This gendered delusion is that we discriminate fashion on any aspect of shirt buttons, we charge women and men different prices for dry cleaning said shirts, and we have a gender-separated bowling alley.

Pulling queens bothers all of that. So did the Bible, really. The good news is that in God’s community, we are all welcome to live our true nature, neither male nor female, male and female.

Susan M. what She is Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Gender Studies at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. She is also an ordained Baptist minister and holds both MA and Ph.D. degrees from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Her latest book It is a cross-theology: an introductory guideco-authored with Grace Ji-Sun Kim.

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