Enjoy this reading list with local authors from Olympia and all over Thurston County

aOur weather turns rainy, fall is a great time to grab a book and relax by the fire. This year, why not struggle with books by local authors from Olympia, Tumwater, Lacey and across Thurston County? It’s a great way to support artists in the area. And don’t worry, there are plenty of genres to choose from! Local authors write about art, local history, fiction, mystery, romance, and more! There’s something for everyone from a local Thurston County author. They also make great holiday gifts for everyone on your list!

flower cultivation for beginners

Amy Barin

Capitol Bloom owner Amy Barren wrote “Flower Gardening for Beginners” to help us all create beautiful cut flower gardens. Her florist expertise shines through throughout the book, which features illustrations as well as important information about the most famous flowers, including how they are grown, harvested, and even dried.

1, 2, 3, Salish Sea: A Pacific Northwest Counting Book

Nikki McClure

Another fun book to read with your kids is by Nikki McClure, a Washington Book Award finalist, for her book 1, 2, 3, The Salish Sea: A Counting Book in the Pacific Northwest. Her fun book of counting brings together the history of our region along with sea creatures that call home the sound while teaching kids to count.

“the shoes”

Sheila McCugan

Do you need something for the little ones in your life to read? “Shoes” by children’s author Sheila McCugan, children’s author Lacey, might just be what you’ve been looking for after the past couple of years. The board book was written after COVID to help our young children who are used to having everyone at home all day, and seeing everyone leave all of a sudden. “Whether it’s watching parents go back to work or seeing their siblings go back to school, our young children are struggling to make a huge, massive change in the world they’ve known,” McCaugan explains. The book doesn’t mention the pandemic, so it’s a great read about dealing with change and leaving the family — no matter what.

“Good thing”

Marcy Campbell

“Good Thing” is another children’s story written by a Washington Book Award finalist. In Marcy Campbell’s book, elementary school children learn how to cope and heal after something bad is written on their school wall.

‘Uncharted Waters: A Selkie Story’

Andy Lee

If you love myths and fantasy, “Uncharted Waters: A Selkie Story” by Andi Lee is a must read for you! Set here in Olympia, the story takes you on a journey between Celtic legends and mythological legends. It’s available for free, just follow the link above and enjoy a great ride.

Ibn Al-Haddad song

This fun young fantasy written by Olympia author Rick Taylor is set in Viking Russia. In Ibn al-Haddad’s poem, young men are recruited into the king’s service and face all kinds of dangers – from first lovers to wolves – and must learn to face them with a mixture of faith, wisdom, and duty.

“Black Crown Traitors”

Kate Pierce

Another fantasy book by a local Olympia author, Traitors of the Black Crown will impress readers as it takes you on a journey involving revenge, secrets, and unexpected love.

Every hill is a burial place

Peter Reed

If you love puzzles and intrigue based on true stories, “Every Hill a Burial Place” by local author Peter Reid is the book for you! Reed was a Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania during the Kinsey murder trial. Here, he delves into the event, trial, and judgment through a variety of viewpoints.

“The Last Sandstorm”

Jasmine Falk Dickerson

“The Last Sandstorm” is a fascinating memoir by Yasmine Falk Dickerson depicting her escape from Saudi Arabia to the United States shortly before 9/11. “The book, which I wrote as a one-year academic project at Evergreen State College during my time there as a student, describes my life and upbringing in the deeply repressive Saudi Arabia during the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s,” says Falk Dickerson.

“learning to fly”

Marisha McDowell

Learn to Fly is about Olympia author Marisha McDowells’ adventures on a trek to Mount Everest base camp with her husband, who happens to be a professional mountain guide.

Other Mothers: Two Women’s Journey to Find the Family They Always Had

Jennifer Bernie

Jennifer Bernie, author of Olympia, is a Washington Book Award finalist for her book Other Mothers: Two Women’s Journey to Find the Family They Always Have. This personal memoir is about her struggles to become a mother with her wife Kelly, including the ups and downs they faced.

“Flat Mud Pants (Mostly Fiction)”

This anthology includes stories from 18 writers, 9 of whom are from Olympia. The stories in “Mud Flat Pants (mostly fiction)” range from contemporary drama to science fiction. It’s perfect for snuggling up in a blanket with your favorite hot beverage on a chilly autumn evening.

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