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Fans of comic books and fantasy novels know there’s no way to talk about either genre without referring to Neil Gaiman’s influence. The British writer began his career in the ’80s, making his name by (surprisingly) writing an autobiography on Duran Duran before storming the comic book industry with black orchid flower Working with DC Comics to reinvent the character hypnotic in 1989.

covering 75 cases, hypnotic It follows Morpheus (also called Dream), who rules the land of dreams. He is one of The Endless, a family of beings that includes death, fate, desire, despair, delirium, and destruction. The series begins with Dream’s capture by a human astrologer, then follows Dream’s escape, repair of the Dream Realm, and his struggles with his siblings and other supernatural beings, such as Lucifer. Since its first publication, the comic book has spawned two successful TV shows (including the success of the new Netflix smash), creating an entire Sandman universe within DC, separate from the Batman and Superman comics most fans have heard of. But that’s only one big success known about him.

In 1990, Gaiman partnered with famous writer Terry Pratchett good omenabout an angel and a demon who reluctantly cooperate to stop the end of the world. Soon, Gaiman began his solo writing career, releasing short story collections and crafting fiction novels including American Gods And the stardustIn addition to graphic and graphic novels such as Coraline.

At one glance, surveying the career path of a prolific and famous writer may seem overwhelming, but for a first-time reader of Neil Gaiman, this should not be a difficult endeavor. Here are 10 essential Neil Gaiman novels, comics, and graphic novels for newcomers and hardcore fans alike.

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Good Omens: The Gentle and Precise Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, the Witch


Absolute Hypnotist, Vol. 1


Eternal Neil Gaiman


Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fiction and Illusions


The Ocean at the Lane’s End: A Novel

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