Graeme Souness doesn’t call Celtic the ‘unacceptable face of Scottish football’

Graeme Souness tried his Ian Archer moment today.

It doesn’t wash and it doesn’t stick.

For those who don’t know who Ian Archer is, he is synonymous with the following observations:

For the R*****s, it has to be said that they are a permanent embarrassment and occasional shame as a Scottish football club. This country would be a better place if R*****s didn’t exist.

Souness today claimed we were the “unacceptable face of Scottish football”.

There are not one but two articles dedicated to Souness’s rant on today’s record.

He asked us to try to step back a bit and look at the fact that the world’s eyes have been on this country (Scotland) for the past 10 days.

First of all, if I were to look at this with the eyes of the world, the first question I would ask is, what has the monarchy done to cause so much hatred when I have nothing to do with it?

I would like to know.

Second, Souness seems to think he can whitewash what the club he supports has done in the past.

He thinks the Ibrox club now has a free pass.

He made it clear, “If you’re a Rangers fan, it’s a happy day.”

He continued, “In the eyes of the world, Celtic are now the unacceptable face of Scottish football because of the small number of fans.”

In yesterday’s article, I mentioned the fact that “yesterday’s news is today’s chip paper”.

In other words, yesterday’s news is history.

Interestingly, the Scottish press is desperately trying to keep the topic relevant simply because they see it as an opportunity to continue to tarnish Celtic’s reputation.

A second article on the same topic appeared on the record later in the day, proving the desperate desire to keep the story relevant.

The same story recurs in everyone’s favorite nasty rag, The Sun.

The media will use this for as long as possible.

My first question to Graeme Souness is, if Celtic are the unacceptable face of Scottish football, how does that affect the Ibrox club?

Scottish football poster boy?

Well, since the media seems reluctant to put this story in the history books, I thought it was time for a history lesson.

Pretending I’m looking at this through the eyes of the world, I’m kind of curious why Celtics fans hate the monarchy so much.

I’m also a little curious why there is such a big divide between Ibrox supporters and Celtic supporters.

After all, this is the story of two football rivalries.

In April 2005, Pope John Paul II died.

UEFA has called for a minute’s silence for the late Pope.

During the match against Motherwell, Ibrox fans chanted “no pope” in a minute of silence.

They openly celebrated and mocked the death of Pope John Paul II, the spiritual leader of one billion Catholics worldwide.

Where was the cry of condemnation then?

Where are all the pundits and media clowns, their fake anger and demands from the Ibrox club to apologise for the actions of their fans?

Then you wonder why Celtic fans don’t respect Protestant and monarchical leaders?

But then again, Graeme Souness knows this, and he knows why.

It’s just something he doesn’t want to admit or engage in.

Because in his eyes, his club is more sacred than yours.

The club is openly racist towards the people of Ireland, a race loved and respected around the world, not in the west of Scotland.

Singing about the club that fell to its knees in Finnian blood.

A club celebrating the death of millions of Irish in a man-made famine.

Other than a paltry £2,000 donation, the then-ruling monarch Queen Victoria did little or nothing to alleviate the nation’s misery.

Today’s money is £61,000.

From a family now worth £67,000,000,000.

Why do Celtics fans dislike the monarchy, they wonder?

So no, Graeme Souness, you can’t tell us Celtic are the unacceptable face of Scottish football.

You’re not going to erase your club’s actions from history by trying to divert all attention to Celtic.

We are not eternal embarrassment or occasional shame.

No, the privilege belongs to your club.

It always will.

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