Great Books and Nerds for Your Dad This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching, so let’s cut to the chase: Here are some last-minute book gifts for dads who love to read. See also: Dad who loves beer. Or sharks. Or mass extinction for some reason. But I digress. continue reading.

Ancient Brews: Rediscovered and Recreated Amazon

“In 2000, when Sam [Calagione–founder of Dogfish Head brewery] I embarked on an adventure of making and publishing Midas Touch. The past 15 years have seen a revolution, with more than two new breweries opening every day in the U.S. in 2016. Many of these breweries are led by home brewers who have run-in stout on high-octane IPAs, sour Belgians, and ultra-dark ales. They venture beyond mainstream beers, which may help refresh the mind, but without the glamour and excitement of extreme beers. They’re ready to throw anything into the brew kettle. ” — Patrick E. McGovern

$18 on Amazon.

Read a longer excerpt here.

If I understand you, will I have such an expression on my face? : My Adventures in the Art and Science of Association and Communication by Alan Alda
If I understand you, will I have such an expression on my face? : My Adventures in the Art and Science of Relationships and Communication Amazon

“Not really engaging with the people we are trying to communicate with, and then being misunderstood, is the grit of everyday life.” – Alan Alda

$19 at Amazon.

Aliens: Jim Al-Khalili, the world's leading scientist in the search for extraterrestrial life
Aliens: The world’s top scientists searching for alien life Amazon

“We’ve come a long way since the discovery of flying saucers, and today’s scientists take the whole search for extraterrestrial life very seriously. In this book, I’ve carefully selected a very A fantastic team, world leaders in their fields, who will cover every aspect of the subject.” – Jim Khalili

$16 on Amazon.

Awkwardness: The Science of Why We're Socially Awkward and Why It's Awesome by Ty Tashiro
Embarrassment: Why We’re Socially Embarrassed and Why It’s Great Science Amazon

“Feelings of embarrassment are also accompanied by strong physiological responses — racing heartbeat, breathing, and muscle tension — but unlike fear and anger, which are triggered by threats to our safety or resources, incompatible with societal expectations The slightest deviations from the can produce awkward responses. While unzipping and calling a friend’s ex-wife by name aren’t ideal, they’re not dangerous situations, and they’re not something malicious. So why are relatively innocuous social faux pas? Can it arouse such strong emotions?” – Yatadayo

$15 on Amazon.

Read a longer excerpt here.

hello, is this earth?Tim Peake's view of me from the International Space Station
hello, is this earth? : My take on the International Space Station Amazon

“One of the remarkable things about looking at Earth from space is that during the day, it’s hard to see any signs of human habitation with the naked eye. Instead, our planet presents itself as a massive geological puzzle, with features spanning entire continents , shaped by the forces of nature and the passage of time.” – Tim Peake

$23 on Amazon.

Read a longer excerpt here.

Brian Skerry's Sharks
shark Amazon

“Far from fully understood and still somewhat mysterious, they demand that we see them as they are, not as we imagined. Not domesticated pets to cuddle, nor demons to eradicate.” – Brian S. Carey

$17 on Amazon.

The End of the World: Volcanic Apocalypse, Deadly Oceans, and Our Quest for Understanding Earth's Past Mass Extinctions by Peter Brannan
The World’s End: Volcanic Doomsday, Deadly Oceans, and Our Quest to Understand Earth’s Past Mass Extinctions Amazon

“This book is a sadly incomplete testament to the ingenuity of those who have worked hard to piece together this fragmented – but still unfinished – puzzle, and an investigation into the unfamiliar geography of time around us. It’s also an exploration of the turbulent centuries ahead, and the long-term prospects for life on this extraordinarily hospitable but fragile planet traversing a dangerous universe.” – Peter Brannan

$19 on Amazon.

Wicked Bugs (Young Readers Edition): The Most Despicable, Deadliest, Worst Bugs on Earth by Amy Stewart
Wicked Bugs (Young Reader Edition): The meanest, deadliest, most disgusting bugs on earth Amazon

“To date, more than a million species of insects have been described worldwide. It is estimated that there are a billion billion insects alive on this planet, that is, each of us, there are 200 million.” – Amy Stewart

$9 on Amazon.

The adult version can be found here.

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