Is Genovia a real place?

While she was starring in many other movies, Anne Hathaway got her big break in Disney movies Princess Diaries. These cinematic adaptations of Meg Capote’s novels for young adults showcased an entirely different kind of “Disney Princess” in the form of an outcast American teen who learns that she is actually part of the royal family of a small European country. Given how exciting the story of Mia Thermopolis’ rise to rule Genovia was, many wondered if the country was real.

After all, there are many countries that the average person might not immediately recognize, which means Genovia could easily be one of them. Even if not, surely the nation is based on a real state? Here is a look at what has been established about Genovia and how it relates to the nation being fact or fiction.

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Everything the Princess Diaries tell us about Genovia

Genovia is a member of the European Union and lies between France and Spain in films and France and Italy in novels. This compares to Monaco, another small European country, one that actually exists in real life. The country is littered with hills that used to grow olives, and the country is only a few miles long and wide, making it almost microscopic. Due to its location, it has a climate that provides comfortable temperatures throughout the year.

According to the original youth accounts, Genovia has a population of about 50,000 despite its small size. This will be greatly expanded in later books when the Qalif refugees fled the dictatorship in their country. Speaking of Monaco, this country has a good relationship with Genovia, and is closely related to the Grimaldi family. With all these facts and in-depth history, the country certainly seems to be a real place. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

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Genovia is not real, but there is another country between France and Spain

Genovia is, in fact, a fictional country, which is completely configured for Princess Diaries books and movies. However, it bears a resemblance to an actual European country. Andorra is a small country with a population of 70,000, which is a little more than the city of Genovia is said to be. Andorra is located between France and Spain, while Genovia is located in central France and Italy. Genovia also looks somewhat like Genoa, a region in Italy, which further illustrates its location.

Meg Cabot stated that Genovia is somewhat dependent on Monaco, which is also located between France and Italy. It is possible that elements of Andorra were also fused when I envisioned the fictional country, but given how “mysterious” both Monaco and Andorra were, the elements fused together into a country that seemed unique and real. Unfortunately, the latter fact is not actually the case, but there is still a way to take a trip to Genovia at any time. Read Cabot’s Princess Diaries Books that extend beyond movie events, or go to Disney+ for streaming Princess Diaries And the The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

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