Iskee’s great manga and light novels started in 2022

There is always a steady stream of isekai series nowadays, whether it be through anime, manga, manhwa, web comics, web novels or light novels.

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The genre has been at the peak of popularity seemingly for the past couple of years, and all this means that the all-new series about characters who travel far away into new fantastical (or terrifying) worlds are making their debuts all the time. So, let’s take a look at some of the best examples of those starting in 2022.

Today’s video games

9/9 Prince of the crow

This first entry is actually part of a subcategory of isekai, which are isekai stories about a protagonist (a boy or a girl) stuck in the world of some Otome game they were playing. Of course, the clearest comparable example is My Next Life as a Villain: All the Ways lead to deathof course, but there are actually quite a few examples of this kind of story setting, and they all try to get away from each other in different ways.

Rennell, who begins her new life in this world not as a beautiful virgin but as a crow (which is actually another metaphor), constantly thinking that Prince King Kamut does not “belong” to her. Instead, it was destined for the heroine of the game she used to play on Earth, who had not yet appeared in the story, and as soon as that heroine appeared, Rennell would be tried. Of course, that’s ridiculous and is the main reason why Rennell is so oblivious to the many great advancements Kamut has had on her, which makes for some really nice moments.

8/9 The player who came back after 10,000 years

Now, there’s been a lot of isekai where the main character is sent to some Hellscape and forced to adapt and stay there. But, there is not much about what happens after they return home. in The player who returned after 10,000 years, The protagonist (by the name of Oh Kang-woo) takes possession of all of Hell, devours the power of all demons commonly seen in The Lesser Key of Solomon, and manages to use Hell magic to figure out his way back to Earth.

This is the isekai part of the story, and it basically ended in chapter two. But, for the rest of the story, Kang Woo returns to Earth to find it very different from what he left behind. From here, the story basically plays out like many other Dungeon-type Manwha stories, but Kang-woo is constantly using the powers he’s gained from the isekai part of the story to grow at an absurdly fast pace.

7/9 Marriage and the sword

This one is for romance lovers, Marriage and the sword. This story contains both web novel and webcomic, so there are multiple ways to enjoy it. In it, a woman is born into a wealthy family and becomes incredibly skilled at swordsmanship, but is unfortunately killed by a jealous fellow before a major competition. But, that’s not the end of her story, as she embodied in a fictional world as Ergenes, the daughter of the world-renowned Sword family, the Targaels.

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The family is going through hard times due to her brother’s lack of the family’s natural sword talent, and Ergenes must use her sword skills while disguised as a man (AKA Elze) to earn money as a mercenary to educate her younger brother. But when she fights someone she’s been fighting alongside, a man named Shan Kiraxos, who is hired to marry her and become the new Count of her family, the story suddenly becomes much more about how long it can keep him from getting to know her. It’s cute, the characters act like adults, and the story itself always keeps the reader on his toes.

Transporting characters into a world like the game they were playing or a story they were reading is one thing, but taking characters entirely into a story they wrote is another. Well, that’s exactly what a file is extra novel does to put it. But, in this story, the author is not injected into his written world as one of the main characters or anything like that. Instead, he’s just an “extra” side character that wasn’t even present in the original story.

From here, the shockingly intelligent author, now known as Kim Hjen, has to live his own story of heroes, demonic humans, monsters, and more, all while the outside “co-author” modifies and constantly changes aspects of how the story originally progressed .

5/9 To hell with being a saint, I’m a doctor

Again, since the isekai genre is oversaturated at this point, nearly every story setting one could think of has been tried (and likely exceptionally well done) now. For example, there are plenty of stories about a medical professional being transported or reincarnated in a fictional world and using his advanced knowledge/in other words to save lives on a larger scale.

A doctor is born again do that , A vet in another world He does that, and so does he To hell with being a saint, I’m a doctor. And although each of these stories has its own attraction, To hell with being a saint The story is very attractive as it is about a man trying to teach a scientist who knows nothing but magic about the wonders of medicine.

4/9 The world after the fall

Anyone who has read a lot of stories about isekai settings, or worlds where “gates” or “constellations” suddenly appeared, or anything to do with “constellations” is probably familiar The point of view of the omniscient reader. It’s one of the most popular comics websites out there, and the writing obviously has a lot to do with that. we will, The world after the fall It is an earlier story written by the same authors duo by the name of Sing Shong, which only began adapting to Webcomic in 2022.

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Now, compared to ORV,tWatF It’s so much more…brain that a lot of the concepts in it are about what makes someone “human,” and sometimes the story places more importance on this than on the things that make perfect sense. But, even past that hyper-fictional nature of the story, this is just an incredibly beautiful comic and an enjoyable read in all respects.

3/9 The other depths of the labyrinth

This next story is very similar to the classic fantasy environment where the character is mysteriously dropped into another world and has to figure out how to survive. In this world there are levels, skills, status screens, mazes, hints from the harem, and all the lovable metaphors of the genre. But, while it starts out in a very tropical state and looks like it’s going to be just another story out of the Isekai books, it gets better as it continues.

The setting features a fantastic world-building, the main character is calm and collected (although he wasn’t his first choice), and the story constantly introduces new elements that surprise readers.

2/9 How do you survive in the academy?

In the extra novel In the entry it was mentioned how often isekai stories like to have settings where characters are transported into the world of whatever game they were playing, and How do you survive in the academy? One of these settings.

The main character, Ed, is forced into the game world and in an effort to survive and adapt, he tries to stay close to the characters/events he knows from the game. But, with each decision, things are progressing more and more away from what he knows and is difficult to predict.

1/9 I play Yu-Gi-Oh! card game

with author Yu-Gi-Oh Kazuki Takahashi, passing away in July of 2022, there’s never been a better time to recommend this lighthearted love letter-type novel.

Read the comments on any website that talks about this web novel, almost all of them have people who claim to have more than 10 years of experience with the series, but were surprised at how faithfully the author of this story is in following the franchise. This story takes place across three different eras of Yu-Gi-Oh, DM, GX, And the 5 d. And in each one, the story attempts to improve the origin problems and connect them together more faithfully while keeping people hooked.

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