Jimmy Ford’s new novel travels across generations for a great read

The first thing I remember of author Jimmy Ford was a dozen or so years ago at the Jefferson Convention Center, Texas. He’s holding a full-size umbrella, not one of those diminutive folded figures, smiling as he often does, seeming a little overwhelmed by a crowd of crown-clad readers.

This evening, he recently released his debut novel, “Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet,” just beginning his journey to the world’s best-seller. The parachute is part of the last minute costume of the Pulpwood Queen Girlfriends Weekend Show, and was introduced to me and others by Kathy L. Murphy, founder of the Pulpwood Queen Book Club and among the first to defend his first novel.

I’m standing in the back of the room when Susan Kreish from Keithville comes to me and is interested in his book. She is so excited that I immediately moved her to my reading list.

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