Journera launches the travel industry first

jornra® TripSignals makes the journey easier for customers and provides travel providers with new real-time revenue opportunities.

ChicagoAnd April 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ –Journa, Recognized as One of the World’s 10 Most Innovative Travel Companies by fast company and a technology leader by the World Economic Forum, today announced the launch of Journera® TripSignals for airlines, hotels, transportation companies and other travel service providers. The product creates the travel industry’s first real-time view of the entire customer journey.

Journera® TripSignals is the trip matching, authorization and billing tool for travel brands. As a multi-party solution, travel providers integrate only once to match clients and cases across the separate systems of other travel providers with whom they choose to share their itinerary information.

TripSignals means less friction for travelers throughout the journey as they benefit from real-time signals used to facilitate their transitions between travel providers for the duration of their journey. Traveling customers specify permissions to share data between travel service providers either for the current trip only, always, or never.

These real-time signals also allow travel providers to monetize the trip along the way, through commissions for co-signals as well as new service offers that customers can consider while booking and while they are traveling. Journera is able to bill different partners for co-signals, giving travel providers an easier automated billing option.

“Travelers appreciate the benefits of connected data, such as knowing where their flight is coming from, the status of their checked bags, and when their hotel room is ready before check-in,” he said. Jeffrey KatzCEO, Journera. “But travel has never before seen a true, real-time view of a customer’s journey to enable a truly integrated journey experience, from flight to hotel to ground transportation to dining and entertainment. Through TripSignals, we give brands the ability to extend their customer experience in real time. and opening up new revenue opportunities throughout the journey.”

TripSignals enables a wide range of customer experiences and monetization opportunities for travel providers based on real-time flight information. They include:

  • Automated hotel check-in, early check-in and late check-out in hotels
  • Highly customized offers for ancillary services such as seat and baggage upgrades, boarding opportunities or even the option to order coffee at your airport
  • The flight share is pre-scheduled based on boarding time
  • Dining and entertainment options based on time of arrival
  • Operational efficiencies of housekeeping, concierge, and front desk staff based on expected arrival and departure times for the hotel

TripSignals is powered by Journera’s reach of more than 354 million customers, 768 million bookings, and 12 billion travel events. No matter where customers book – be it online, through an online travel agency, corporate booking or Global Distribution System (GDS) – all bookings from all channels are captured and anonymized through ‘encrypted data exchange’. Journera patented.

Journera’s business partners include United Airlines, American Airlines, Hilton, InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott International, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, and many more. Together, these travel companies account for nearly 50 percent of all travel in the United States

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Journera is a technology company that provides secure, real-time data exchange to create smoother travel journeys. Through its platform, Journera creates a complete view of the traveler’s journey in real time, enabling travel-related businesses to create better travel experiences that drive loyalty and direct customer engagement. Journera has been recognized as the “world’s most innovative company” by fast company. For more information, visit

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