LEGO: Star Wars’ most iconic ship is back in a bigger, more complex version!

Good deal news LEGO: Star Wars’ most iconic ship is back in a bigger, more complex version!

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This LEGO from the Star Wars collection is now part of pop culture and very popular! Majestic, large and intricate, this is a real challenging building set, but well worth the effort to impress!

LEGO Star Wars: The Millennium Falcon in Collector’s Edition is at the best price at Fnac

La Fnac is the benchmark for culture and high-tech boutiques in France. In fact, between the physical stores and the website, there is always a choice in terms of promotions and above all products.

Currently in their home is the most famous set from all of LEGO Star Wars, the Millennium Falcon! The latter is not only back in stock, but is also being offered at a very low price!

In fact, we can see that it is usually offered at around 800 euros. But, for now, at Fnac, it is offered for less than 680 euros, with a price difference of 120 euros! And given the rarity of this collector’s item, we can only recommend that you jump on it!

Buy the Millennium Falcon for €676.99 from Fnac

LEGO: Star Wars' most iconic ship is back in a bigger, more complex version!

The Millennium Falcon: The most LEGO Star Wars ship ever!

The Millennium Falcon, also known as the Millenium Falcon or the Millenium Condor, is one of the most famous ships in the Rebel Alliance. Along with X-Wing and A-Wing, he participated in many battles.

It is also one of the ships that was first introduced to the public. Shown from Episode IV, A New Hope, we find smuggler Han Solo under his control. The latter won it from the hands of Lando Calrissian, after the Sabacc match.

The Millennium Falcon was originally a light cargo ship designed by the Corellian Corporation. After a few years of service, it fell into the hands of smugglers, who modified it heavily. And he will benefit more from his superior engine.

In effect, this dernière is considérée as one of the meilleures of the Galaxie, puisqu’elle atteint the vitesse of 1200 km/h in the atmosphère terrestre and peut atteindre 0.5 fois the vitesse of the Lumière, a vitesse jamais atteinte jusqu’ then.

This LEGO building model goes into detail on all the elements of the famous saga’s ship. There are portals, laser cannons, radars and other elements, making this building set a true model for the show!

LEGO: Star Wars' most iconic ship is back in a bigger, more complex version!

You’ll have to roll up your sleeves, because this set has 7,541 pieces to put together! It’s not the biggest, but we’re getting close to the LEGO record. It’s designed for the perfect fan, with plenty of space though. Note that it measures over 21 cm high, 84 cm long and 60 cm wide. Beautiful beast.

But this is nothing compared to the many details that abound on this exceptional ship. Cockpit, bridge, reflectors, laser cannons, radars, everything is there!

Moreover, in this group we find several statues:

  • Han Solo, owner of this iconic Corellian freighter is present, accompanied by Chewbacca, but also Prince Leia and C-3PO.
  • but that is not all ! You also have 3 minifigures from Episode VII and VIII which are Han Solo, Rey and Finn.
  • And finally, a buildable BB-8 robot, Mynock and his 2 Porgs.

Buy the Millennium Falcon for €676.99 from Fnac

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