Mastermind Toys releases Canada’s most sought-after toy guide, with more exclusives than ever

Pioneers of holiday trends go big on the books with new sub-branded Mastermind books

TorontoAnd the October 6 2022 /CNW/ – mastermind games, Canada The largest retailer of specialty toys and children’s books, is revealing its annual play guide, “Let their Light Shine Bright,” online today and arriving in mailboxes coast-to-coast this week. Canadians have long viewed Mastermind Toys as the trusted experts in toys, books, puzzles and games for every child – from newborns to babies at heart. “Let Their Light Shine Bright” is about how the power of play sheds light on the flame that makes each child unique, and it embraces all the festivities that Canadians enjoy at this time of year, especially as families anticipate more gatherings this season. More than a hundred must-haves are available in this 40-page guide exclusively at Mastermind Toys and online stores.

“as such Canada Power over play, we’re very proud of our annual Holiday Guide theme, which brings to life our biggest selection of the year.” Sarah Jordan, CEO of Mastermind Toys. “This year’s theme is about inclusivity, with reference to the central role that light plays in many cultural celebrations. Light also represents that unique spark within each child that can be ignited as they play and learn about themselves and the world around them. When that spark is nurtured, which is They glow brightly. We believe we have a responsibility to help ignite the flame within each child so they feel their vision through the books they read, the toys they play with, and holiday guides they flip and spin around as they create their wish lists.”

Continuing with its brand purpose, the retailer officially launched its namesake collection earlier this year, and the Holiday Play Guide features the largest selection of toys and games made by Mastermind Toys to date (find our top picks below).

“We created the namesake group for Mastermind Toys because we earned the trust of Canadian parents and grandparents to deliver high-quality toys and games,” he said. Frank Zeta, vice president of marketing and organization at Mastermind Toys. “Customers have been shopping for collections as fast as we can stock them, including our collection hoodie hoods, which has been sold several times since its launch. This positive customer response has fueled our momentum to develop more games to meet the growing needs of families. We know our winning designs, like DIY castle building kit Supporting a variety of play styles, they’ll be a best-seller this holiday season and a staple in playrooms and classrooms around the world. Canada. “

While Mastermind Toys has been rooted in educational toys since 1984, books have quietly played a major role for the retailer as the second category. Clients looking to build their first children’s library, engaging children in conversations about diversity and inclusion through books and double-reading with toys children play with, have proven to be drivers of this success. After 38 years, the retailer is declaring its commitment to this master class by introducing a new sub-brand, Mastermind Books, with storage space, guides and online centers dedicated to helping the youngest customers find their next reading.

Here are the big bets for Mastermind Toys across the slate of exclusives filled with wonders and from Mastermind Books this holiday season:

Top 10 exclusive deals, available only at Mastermind Toys:

  1. Happy Home Master Mind Toys Dollhouse
  2. Master Mind Toys Arts and Crafts Table with Storage
  3. Master Mind Toys 13 Pieces Musical Instrument Set
  4. Mastermind Toys DIY FORT 90pc Building Set
  5. Master Mind Toys Hoodie Hounds Monster
  6. Master Mind Toys Dino Snow Tube
  7. BRIO Builder Volvo construction vehicles
  8. LEGO Harry Potter The Shrinking Shack and Willow Willow
  9. Mastermind Games x Fashion Angels Ultimate DIY Craft Box
  10. valor scooter

Top 10 readings from Mastermind books:

  1. “Little Blue Truck Drives Padded Board Book”
  2. “Dinosaur a Day”
  3. ‘The most amazing idea’
  4. Muhammad NajmWar Reporter: How one boy shines a light Syria
  5. “Cat Kid Comic Club: Forms of Cooperation”
  6. Klutz Neon Stencil Art
  7. “5000 amazing facts about animals”
  8. Canadian Kids’ Guide to Outdoor Fun
  9. “The Ultimate Space Book”
  10. “Happy Fish! The Story of Hanukkah”

Find your spark in our 2022 holiday playbook guide, now available at Mastermind Toys offers in-store, online or curbside shopping, as well as physical and digital gift cards for customers looking to give the gift of their choice.

About mastermind games:
Mastermind games are Canada The authority on Play and the largest retailer of specialty toys and children’s books, with 68 coast-to-coast stores and a website full of wonders. It has a 38-year heritage of being an educational toy store, supporting children, parents, grandparents, teachers and gift givers by offering a range of games and books that help develop the development of a child’s mind, body and expression. Its purpose is to inspire generations of lifelong learners through the power of play, with the philosophy that “play is children’s work”.

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