Miami Book Fair features Jewish authors

Eight full days of exploration, discovery, reading, writing, books, thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. For the past 38 years, the Miami Book Fair has brought to the South Florida community authors from all over the world. And this year is no different.

“We have a large number of people from all over the world. And we are a city that is constantly growing and changing for the better. A program like ours aims to help South Florida residents become informed and engaged citizens,” said Lysette Mendes, director of programs at the Miami Book Fair. We aim to show our children and youth all the wonderful benefits of reading – from helping to teach them to how wonderful and immersive reading can be. This is the same for adults of course. Reading can be fun and a source of entertainment. We’re here to offer it all to our colleagues in South Florida – fun times, educational opportunities, a chance to discuss issues – history, current events, love, life…we have a book for every interest.”

During Sunday, November 20, on the theaters of Miami Dade College, at the microphones on the Wolfson Campus in downtown Miami, is the 39th Miami Book Fair where authors of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, and graphic novels come together to share their stories, and talk about the issues of the day. For all ages – in person, and a live, on-demand broadcast of the South Florida community.

Among those writers of particular interest to the Jewish community are these non-fiction writers-journalist Emily Tamkin in conversation with American Jewish Committee Dade and Broward Director Brian Siegel about her book bad jews: A History of American Jewish Politics and Identities, which studies the history of the Jewish people in America and explores our ever-evolving relationship with the culture and identity of the nation and each other; Jerry Stahl, author of the book Nin, Nin, Nin!: A One Man’s Story of Depression, Psychological Torment, and a Bus Tour About the Holocaust, Where “Gonzo meets the Holocaust in this fascinating and fascinating tour of Holocaust tourism . . . a vivid, effective, and decidedly special addition to the genocide literature.” – Karakus Reviews; Rebecca Donner, All the Recurring Problems of Our Day: The True Story of the American Woman at the Heart of the German Resistance to Hitler And the Robert K. Sutton Nazis on the Potomac River: The top-secret intelligence operation that helped win World War II, Which reveals what happened behind the walls of Fort Hunt, known by the code name: P.O. Those who escaped alone—and all with personal motives to do everything they could to defeat Nazi Germany—eavesdropped on high-ranking Nazi prisoners, interrogated them or translated captured German documents, and helped win the war.

New books by novelists Jan-Hanff Korelets, Muriel Rothmann-Zecher, Linda Cohen-Luigman along with first author Felicia Berliner, author of a clever, provocative, indisputable book Schmotz, which says that the book’s author “is about a devout orthodox young woman who discovers – through a secret Internet connection – that she is also a sexual human being.” She wrote Schmotz To show how she grapples with her love for her family, her deep religious faith, her curiosity and sexual desire,” the table completed.

At this year’s fair, and at every Miami Book Fair there are authors and books that reflect all of these cultures, themes, and themes that explore most aspects of life. I especially love that even when culture isn’t as widely represented in Miami as it is in other cities or states We bring these authors and books to the show as well,” Mendes said. “We want to encourage everyone to learn and read more stories about people and places from all over the world. We offer authors who write in Spanish, as well as authors who write in Haitian Creole. Both in person and online.”

Beginning in 1984, Miami Dade College and its partners established the Miami Book Fair as a way to engage the community through accessible, comprehensive programs that promote reading and support writers. The annual eight-day festival has grown into the largest and most community-rooted literary gathering in the United States that generates discourse on contemporary literature and current issues of international importance.

During the remainder of the year, the Miami Book Fair hosts a continuous schedule of activities, including a book festival in Little Haiti, creative writing and publishing workshops, and author presentations; Reading Campaigns, Free Read to Learn Books, a partnership with The Children’s Trust that distributes more than 150,000 free books annually to children in Miami-Dade County.

Miami Book Fair 2022, Friday and Sunday, November 18-20, located on the Wolfson Campus at Miami-Dade College, accessible by car, Metro Rail, Metro Mover, Metro Bus, Bright Line, on foot and by bike. There is free parking in Terminal 7, which is between NE 1st and 2nd Avenue and between NE 5 and 6 streets.

the tickets: $10 for adults; $5/for seniors and teens 13 and up, and free for kids 12 and under.

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