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All Bree wanted was to reveal the truth behind her mother’s death. So she infiltrates the Legendborn, a secret society descended from King Arthur’s knights – only to discover the power of her ancestors. Now, Bree has a new Persona: A Medium. Blood hunter. descendant. But the ancient war between demons and the Order is rising to a deadly climax. And Nick, the legendary boy that Bree fell in love with, was kidnapped. Brie wants to fight, but the stewards who rule won’t let her. When the Regents reveal that they will do whatever it takes to hide the war, Bree and her friends must escape to save Nick themselves. But enemies are everywhere, Bree’s powers are unexpected and dangerous, and she can’t escape her growing attraction to Selwyn, a wizard who’s sworn to protect Nick to death. If Brie is to have any hope of saving herself and the people she loves, she must learn to control her powers from the ancestors who used them first – without losing herself in the process.

It’s the summer of 1959 at the foot of Bakers Mountain in western North Carolina when 13-year-old Jackie Honeycutt first hits Thomas Freeman’s riverside fishing tackle. They hit it off, and Jackie hopes the two can be friends. But Jackie is white, and Thomas is black – and Jackie soon discovers that their growing friendship won’t be easy. Influenced by the growing civil rights movement, Jackie is determined to be Thomas’ girlfriend and, as a result, faces racism and prejudice head-on through bullying at school, family turmoil, and pressure from his community. Can Jackie free both his conscience and his voice – and finally do what’s right?

Since Ragnarok – the great war between the gods and the forces of Chaos – the human world of the Midlands has become a desperate and dangerous place, devoid of magic. Eric is among the lucky ones – his family has remained prosperous. But he will lose everything when he is wrongly convicted by a fraudulent jury of killing his manager and stepfather. Also at risk is Leif, half-Sister Eric, who is suspected of having an interest in the Sidr, or magic. Then a powerful jarl steps in: he will pay in blood if Eric leads a quest to the legendary temple in the Grove – the rich stronghold of the family of wyrdspinners, the last practitioners of magic. Spellsinger, musician, and principal Regine has spent her life performing in alehouses for her master Asger, the fire demon she desperately strives to escape from. After a performance that stunned even herself, two contestants in the audience make Reginn an irresistible offer: to return with them to the temple to train in the Seder, forever free of Asger. Eiric’s, Liv’s, and Reginn’s travels converge on New Jotunheim, a paradise fueled by magic and a temple site. They soon realize that a great evil lurks beneath the dazzling surface and that old betrayals and longstanding grudges may fuel another catastrophic war. It would require every gift and weapon at their command to prevent this.

If you could be a different kind of you,

What do you wish to be

monkey on a tree?

Will you be a fluffy fox?

Slow-moving sloth?

Or maybe, if you have the option,

You will not be different at all…

Because maybe here with the ones you love

It is the best place in the world.

On August 28, 1963, a quarter of a million activists and demonstrators from every corner of the United States gathered for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. It was there and then they raised their voices in unison to demand racial and economic justice for all black Americans, advocate for inequality, and ultimately advance the civil rights movement. Every movement has its unsung heroes: the individuals who work in the background without praise or appreciation, who toil and struggle without warning. One of these unsung heroes was at the center of some of the civil rights movement’s most important decisions and events. This hero was a quiet guy, a gay African American man. It was Bayard Rustin.

From the moment Monroe Benson was born with a mark on her hand and the ability to summon fire from her fingertips, her life would never be the same. She is influenced by the goddess, which means she is destined to take part in the Culling, an ancient contest to decide the next Queen of Erydia. For most of her seventeen years, her family managed to keep Monroe – and her powers – hidden. But now, as Queen Vieira calls for the execution to begin, and war looms, Monroe can no longer hide. She must face her fate whether she wants it or not. For the ten girls affected by the gods, all with different powers, the inevitability of this battle to the death may always rule their lives. The imitation is both barbaric and cruel, but to make matters worse – Monroe is unprepared. She hasn’t trained her entire life for this day. She doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. She doesn’t want the crown. As Monroe struggles to meet her fate, a rebellion is brewing in the castle and in the country. A group called Culled band together; Their goal – the overthrow of the monarchy. The higher they rise, the more ruthless Vieira will be with her kingdom, recruiting young men and women from poorer and poorer places to fight in a war no one wants to fight.

Nine years after his father was murdered for his lack of superstition, Elias has grown into a pious young man, with a deep reverence for the Holy Sea and its fickle bounty. While stories of the son of a fisherman who managed to escape the deadliest of storms spread from port to port, his devotion to myths and doctrines has given him the reputation of the luckiest bastard to sail the straits. Now, he’s just days away from getting everything his father dreamed of: a ship of his own, a crew, and a license that names him as one of the Narrows-born merchants. But when a small, unnamed sea cliff with more than one secret crosses its path, Elias’ faith will be tested like never before. The more attraction he feels for her, the further he turns away from the things he’s spent the last three years working towards. He had come perilously close to repeating his mistakes and had seen firsthand how ferocious the jealous sea was. If he is to escape her punishment, he will have to decide which he wants more, the love of a girl who can transform her changing world, or the sacred beliefs that have earned him the name by which he is best known – The Saint.


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