One of San Francisco’s most exotic landscapes is in a park 70 feet above the ground

The name is a corporate branding campaign. Your musings on a peaceful landscape may be disrupted by the tech bros talking loudly.there is one a lot of The man in the yellow trench coat wears a hat that says “Safety”.

I conceded all of this in advance, and the weirdness of the 70-foot-tall, 5.4-acre park. None of this changes a basic fact: Salesforce Park, the rooftop area above San Francisco’s 4-year-old transit center, gets better with age.

The slender oval green space is a semi-natural wonder with 280 species of trees and plants spread across 12 different gardens. There are nooks and crannies where you can gather with friends or relax alone. Despite being surrounded by office buildings, the people you meet are a mix of ages and economic backgrounds.

Malavika Malik (left) and Akshay Murthy take a walk at Salesforce Park in San Francisco.

Felix Uribe / Chronicle Special

In other words, it’s been a constant joy that part of the city needs all the help it can get since the pandemic hit.

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