Will Storr’s The Science of Storytelling review – The lure of novel ideas | Science & Nature Books

TonAmerican novelist John Barthes claimed that the real question each reader asks him or herself while reading is not the traditional “what happened next?” but “fundamental questions of identity—personal, professional, cultural, even Species—specific ‘Who am I?’” Stories are ordered, meaningful machines that help our brains translate the insane incoherence of chaotic existence into understandable narratives.These … Read more

The Best Science Book Subscription Services

Calling science nerds, tinkerers, and fun fact masters! If you’re looking to satisfy your voracious appetite for all things science with a fiction or non-fiction book subscription service, you’re in the right place. There aren’t a ton of services that focus solely on science books, but we’ve done our best to showcase five different science … Read more

The 7 Best Science Photography Books to Put on Your Coffee Table in 2022

Whether you’re an aspiring wildlife photographer or you’re shopping for a gift for a friend who has it all, these beautifully illustrated books look perfect on a coffee table or lab bench—and they’re good read. Each features full-colour, glossy images showing professionally captured weather phenomena, 3D depictions of cosmic clouds, magnificent birds of prey, and … Read more

5 Science Books Every Chef Should Read

People love to ask me what my favorite recipes are. They’re usually disappointed when I recommend a plethora of science books instead of those coffee-table art cookbooks. Why science? Really great chefs work smart, not hard, and they have a deep understanding of how and why ingredients, time, and temperature interact. This knowledge helps you … Read more

August 2022 Book Club Picks

Jamie Ford’s latest, Anthony Marra’s debut novel and two Jane Austen classics are among the lucky titles chosen by the National Book Club in August . To submit titles for inclusion in this review, email us. Emery’s Book Club and Reading with Jenna, Jenna Bush Hager Book Club book: Afong Moy’s many daughters Jamie Ford … Read more