Ben Percy jumps to the big screen to honor his daughter

Minnesota writer Benjamin Percy is best known for his horror novels, science fiction, picture books, and audio dramas. He’s also written screenplays, and now one of them, co-written by independent filmmaker James Ponsoldt, has been made into a movie. Ponsoldt’s “Summering” begins locally on August 12. It’s a story about coming of age that follows … Read more

Stanley Middleman among five promising Washington Nationals buyers

placeholder when loading article action At least five stakeholders, including mortgage mogul Stanley Middleman and South Korean billionaire Michael B. Kim, have reviewed Washington Nationals financial reports and met with team personnel, and the Lerner family will be Seeking an initial bid before the end of the regular season could sell the team, according to … Read more

Essential Reading List Neil Gaiman

Fans of comic books and fantasy novels know there’s no way to talk about either genre without referring to Neil Gaiman’s influence. The British writer began his career in the ’80s, making his name by (surprisingly) writing an autobiography on Duran Duran before storming the comic book industry with black orchid flower Working with DC … Read more

Shy by Mary Rodgers and Jesse Green book review

Placeholder while loading article actions Mary Rodgers (1931-2014) was modestly successful in musical theater (“Once Upon a Mattress” was her big hit as a composer) and became a best-selling author in 1972 with “Freaky Friday,” an adult novel about a mother and daughter exchanging Bodies in a Magical Way which led to a two-film adaptation … Read more

8 Remarkable Non-Bi SFF Books You Need To Check Out

Tor Books, publisher of Neon Yang’s Genesis Misery book Neon Yang’s first novel is an immersive and space-immersive fantasy novel The genesis of misery Filled with high-tech space battles and political intrigue, starring a diverse and diverse cast of pilots, princesses, and prophetic heirs. On sale from Tor Books on September 27, 2022! Non-binary SFF … Read more

5 Book Reviews You Need to Read This Week ‘Literary Focus’

Our hurricane of great reviews this week includes Keith Olbermann on David Maraniss’ Path illuminated by lightningKatie Waldman on Emi Tagi’s blank diaryDan Chuan on Adam Levine Mt. ChicagoHamilton Kane on Mark Proud Kiki Man RayAnd Brandon Taylor in Alejandro Zambra’s book bonsai. Brought to you by Book Marks, “Rotten Tomatoes for books” from Lit … Read more