Retired APSU music professor Sharon Mabry has published her first book.

In The Postmaster’s Daughter, Sharon Mabry’s haunting and suspenseful first novel, a young woman is murdered shortly before her wedding day. This tragedy occurred in the late 1930s, deep in the hills of East Tennessee, and in the years that followed, the traumatic event slowly caused the two most prominent families in the community to fall apart.

“The Putnams and the Cantrells: Two completely different families whose lives are torn apart by the murder of a young woman,” Christina Lott, author of Finding Grace and Perseverance, said in a book review. “This Southern mystery gets more and more complex with each chapter as the elements of territory, family, and vile intrigue slowly heat to a boil.”

The book, to be published by Thorncraft Publishing next month, won early acclaim from reviewers who praised its beautiful writing and Southern Gothic charm, but often fail to mention another great aspect of the novel – its author.

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