Review: The Magicians of Mazda by Ashwin Sanghi

A good thrill has the ability to surprise the reader. Seen in this context, Ashwin Sangi Mazda wizards It is a captivating success story.

The latest novel in Sangi Bharat’s series that started with Rosabal Line In 2008, Mazda wizards Seamlessly merging facts with fiction. The author’s extensive research allows him to create a wide range of characters from different parts of the world, which contribute to the turning points of the novel.

The complex, entertaining, informative and intelligently designed story develops without slowing down. This is a great achievement, but then Mazda wizards Not a bestseller that sacrifices substance for speed.

492pp, 450 rupees; Harper Collins

The inaugural chapter begins inside the British Museum in London. The shooting and theft of an artifact called the Cyrus Cylinder begin the proceedings. The wheels of the narrative don’t stop in London but quickly move to Seattle as Jim Dustor, a wealthy Parsi scholar, approaches a research breakthrough. If all goes well, Jim’s discovery will change the future of not only the pharmaceutical industry but of humanity as a whole.

Among his colleagues is Dan Cohen, a scientist with a secret, who plays a vital role in the story. Jim’s wife, Linda, who is a dater, is kidnapped and used as bait to get to Jim. Where will they take Jim, who, predictably, will meet the same fate? What are they after, and why is it important to them? These questions, and many more, are answered as the plot develops.

He was kidnapped a second time, and taken to Tehran. It turns out that the Ayatollah, the supreme leader of Iran, wanted a relic called Najm Athravan. He asks the scientist to reveal his whereabouts. After he said he had no evidence, he was held in a “coffin dungeon”. The living conditions there are so bad that the prisoners could eventually die.

Linda sets out on a rescue mission to find her missing husband. It should enter mainland Iran, but this will not be easy because the country does not share a cooperative relationship with the United States.

Mazda wizards It has an action-packed story in which intelligence agents from different countries are involved. The author’s careful research is evident in his depiction of the places featured in the novel – London, Seattle, Udvada in Gujarat and Kashmir, and the coffin cells of Tehran. Suspense hangs in the air, betrayal cannot be ruled out, while new revelations are rarely far away.

Author Ashwin Sangi (Prabhat Shetty for H.T. Brunch)
Author Ashwin Sangi (Prabhat Shetty for H.T. Brunch)

Also of interest is the depiction of Zoroastrianism and the Persians, which includes such topics as the origin of the former, his teachings, the difficulties they faced in Iran and their eventual arrival in India in the eighth century, and of course their significant contribution to the making of modern Mumbai. The author’s careful research and nuggets of information scattered throughout the novel add to the richness of the story. The reader learns that the East India Company created a “group of patrol ships” called the Bombay Marine in order to “protect the coast and port.” Interestingly enough, this force eventually turned into what is now called the Indian Navy.

Elsewhere, the reader is told so Zara From Zoroaster also means “gold” in the Old Persian language. In this way, gold embroidery was known in India Zary. In Sanskrit, Thustra It refers to a binary star – a twin star like Sirius, Gemini, Mizar, or Pollima….” This richness in detail revealed in a fast-paced work is a sign of the confident and ambitious author. The prose is clear, allowing Sanji to communicate the complexity of the story even more. Effective for the average reader.

India has very few good thriller writers. Mazda wizards It proves, once again, why Ashwin Sangi is one of them.

Biswadeep Ghosh is a freelance journalist. Live in Patna

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