San Antonio’s most popular and bestselling books as of July 2022

There is nothing better than a good book. It is an opportunity to escape, to enter another world, or to journey into the past. San Antonio is like all the other readers. Sometimes they read for entertainment, other times they want to see themselves in the stories. Either way, they are always reading.

After speaking with the San Antonio Public Library and several booksellers across the city, MySA compiled a list of the best books San Antonians read in July. Take a look at the highlights:

Colin Hoover has been a senior San Antonio author since July 2022.

Peter Scamardo

Colin Hoover

As one of Barnes & Noble’s booksellers told me, Colleen Hoover continues to dominate the bookstore market due to its popularity as BookTok. her story ends with us It was a bestselling book in three of the five Barnes & Noble series in San Antonio. La Cantera Shopping Center and Northwoods are all in Hoover Books listed as three bestsellers.

Here are the Hoover books being read in San Antonio right now.

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