Searches for flights increased by 25%, driving interest in international destinations

we. Long term travelers, with New ZealandAnd Japan And Vietnam Among the popular hotspots in the summer

SeattleAnd April 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Expedia® released its summer travel forecast, providing key insights to help Americans plan and save for their summer vacations. According to Expedia data, searches for flights rose 25% overall in the June-August period compared to the same period last year, and interest grew by triple digits for international destinations across Europe And Asia. In addition, average ticket prices are dropping $125 From its peak in early July to August.

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*Based on Expedia request for flights as of April 1, 2023 for travel from June to August

“This summer, it’s clear that travelers are ready to ditch the flick of their passports and embrace jet lag as they jet off abroad,” he says. Melanie FishHead of Public Relations for Expedia Brands Group. Data shows the place to save on summer airfare is very close, but these days you can ensure you’re getting a great deal by tracking flights on the Expedia app or adding price drop protection to your trip, which automatically refunds you if the price drops. After booking.

Summer destination trends

While American travelers return in droves to popular destinations including New York And Cancunthe largest annual increases are for longer-distance destinations incl OaklandAnd Hong Kong And Osaka. Although average airfares are higher than last summer, strong demand trends indicate that travelers are ready to make the most of their summer vacations.

Top 5 local

1. New York

2. Los Angeles

3. Seattle

4. Orlando

5. Las vigas

Top 5 international

1. Cancun

2. London

3. Rome

4. Punta Cana

5. Paris


1. Auckland, New Zealand

2. Hong Kong

3. Osaka, Japan

4. Da Nang, Vietnam

5. Hanoi Vietnam

* Based on Expedia flights request as of April 1, 2023For travel from June to August

Since reopening its borders last fall, Japan It continues to see incredible interest and is one of the fastest growing international destinations to date for travelers from the United States. Searches for flights for the summer are in triple digits compared to the same time period last year Osaka (+592%), Tokyo (+290%) and Kyoto (+ 265%).

How to save on summer travel

The perfect place to save on domestic airfare and save about 8% is 21 to 60 days abroad, while Americans planning summer trips abroad should book as early as possible to get the best rates.

Prices can fluctuate in the lead up to departure, but with Expedia Low price protection Passengers can refund the difference if the flight becomes cheaper after booking. Low fare protection launched earlier this year in the Expedia app and is available on most flights for a small fee, currently with no yearly restrictions on refunds.

The best and worst times to fly

Least busy day: Thursday, August 24

Cheapest day: Sunday 27 August

Busiest day: Saturday, July 1

Most expensive day: Saturday 1 July

To save on airfare, travel during late August and avoid weekends. Low average ticket prices $125 Compared to the peak in early July. Meanwhile, the Fourth of July weekend is the busiest and most expensive weekend of the summer for air travel. ATPs for the weekend are 12% higher than the average for the month.

Read more tips on saving on flights and start planning your summer vacation here.

Notes to the editor

visual assets: Destination image and charts are available for download.

Data sources:

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  • Japan Data search based on Expedia flight searches as of March 20, 2023For travel during the month of June to August 2023.

  • Popular destinations selected from a list of fastest growing destinations based on Expedia flight demand for travel from June to August.

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Tips for dealing with travel disruptions:

  • According to Expedia’s 2023 Air Travel Hack Report, Departure by 15:00 It cuts your chance of canceling a flight in half, so take the early flight.

  • Demand is high, and airlines are still operating fewer flights than they were before the pandemic. That means full flights are expected this summer, so make sure you get to the airport early and give yourself plenty of time to get through security.

  • Pack light and take a handbag. This way, there is less chance of your baggage being lost in cases of delays or cancellations.

  • Check the expiry date of your passport and make sure it is valid for at least 6 months beyond your travel dates.

Tips for saving on your summer vacation:

  • Price tracking and forecasts take the guesswork out of deciding when to book airline tickets by alerting travelers when flight prices change. Free on the Expedia app, the feature uses decades of flight shopping data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to compare today’s flight price against historical price trends to help travelers make an informed decision about the best time to book their route of choice. Download the demo and screenshots here.

  • With price drop protection, which originally launched in 2017 with the price-match promise, travelers can get a refund if the price of their trip drops on Expedia after booking. Low fare protection is available for most flights for a small fee, currently with no annual limit on refunds.

  • Book flight tickets, hotels and cars at the same time on Expedia, commonly known as aggregation, which can instantly unlock hundreds of dollars / average $300 or 10% in savings.

  • Sign up for loyalty programs and frequent flyer programs, or you risk leaving money on the table. Expedia members earn Reward Points for each reservation that can be redeemed as a dollar discount on the next trip.

  • Earn air miles on top of Expedia points by entering mileage plan numbers at checkout, an easy way to double-dip and accumulate travel rewards faster.

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